Russia -- GGS-118P5 E-Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

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      plastic vial thermoforming filling sealing machine

Recently, we have been preparing the manufacturing and shipment of a GGS-118P5 liquid filling and sealing machine sold to Russia. As its name suggests, the machine is applicable to fill e-liquid into e-cigarette. Considering the easy-to-leak feature of e-liquid, we equip this machine with five peristaltic pumps.

We can also equip the machine with piston pump, ceramic pump, self-flowing pump and more depending on the products fluidity and viscosity or other special properties.

Besides, knowing the customers requirements, we designed the bottle shape as the following product design draft shows.

Eliquid vial design draft 

Fig 1: Product design draft

eliquid oil vials 

Fig 2: Physical photos


As required, there are 5 sticks in a row, which is connected with a labeling machine, and every bottle can contain 3ml e-liquid. Besides the bottle shape, the packing film should be meet customers requirements. Before delivery, we purchase the satisfactory PET/EOE sheet to test our machine to check if everything is OK.

filling machine touch screen 

Except bottle shape, there is no other special requirements were made by the customer on machine structures and techniques. We continued to equip the machine with the components of high grade and good quality, and manufactured this machine under the strictest specification.

Now the machine is in shipment via sea transportation. The machine will reach its destination soon and we are looking for the customers feedback then.

E-liquid packing machine wood box packaging 




Automatic Eliquid Filling Sealing Machine

GGS-118P5 Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

unit-dose plastic ampoule thermoforming and liquid filling sealing machine

e-liquid filler sealer machine

platic vials forming filling and sealing machine

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