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Automatic Cartoning Machine

  • Automatic Doypack Case Packer Box Packaging Machine Line
    This machine can open boxes, fold bottom flaps of the boxes, seal the box bottom with tape and out-feed the opened box. It is economical and practical.
  • Automatic condom cartoning machine
    1.Different feeders for individual condom cartoning or strip( 2 condoms in a strip) condom cartoning.
    2.The condom normally to be packed are 1/2/3/4/5/6/10/12 pcs in a box, the box sizes are all adoptable on our machine
    3.We can use tuck-in closing or hot melt glue sealing for the box
    4.Equipped with leaflet folding system
    5.Stainless steel letter embossing or ink jet printing
    6.The box can be with the hanging hole
  • Automatic Vertical Rotary Cartoning Machine
    This is a vertical cartoning machine, which is suitable for the various sizes of vertical box packing for different kinds of product in food, cosmetic, hardware, pharmaceutical industries, such as sachet, bag, tube, bottle, jar, soap, blisters etc.
    The working process is as following:
    Box feeding-box opening-bottom closing or sealing with glue-product feeding automatically or by hand from the top -top closing or sealing with glue
    This vertical cartoner, its stable speed is around 40boxes per min.
  • Automatic Box Packing /Cartoning Machine for soap/tube
    1- Model: GSZ-130
    2.Application: Box packing /Cartoning machine/ Automatic cartoner for bar soap, tube , such as tooth paste, ointment tube,cosmetic tube, oval shape bar soap, square and rectangle shape bar soap.
    3.Feature: It can be semi automatic to be used individually so the feeding of product is manually or it can be connected with the front tube filling machine or soap bar making machine to be an automatic production line.
    The box can be in tuck-in closing or by hot melt glue spraying sealing, The box material can be in paper box or plastic box.
    4.Speed: 70-80 pcs per min depends on the product feature
  • Automatic Ampoule/Vial Cartoning Machine
    1- Model: JDZ-260P
    2.Application: Automatic cartoning machine for glass ampoule and vial,
    The working process is as following: automatic ampoule or vial feeding on round turn table or connect with the front machine--- ampoule or vial placing into the tray if need--- ampoule or vial transfer on the machine conveyor---pushing into the box--- batch No and Mfq embossing or ink jet printing---tuck in closing or hot melt glue sealing--final product output
    3.Feature: High speed,full automatic,advanced configuration
    4.Max speed: 220 boxes per min ( depends on the product to be cartoned)
    5.IQ, OQ, PQ ,FAT documents etc are available
  • Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine
    1- Model: JDZ-120G
    2.Application: Cartoning/ box packing for tube/irregular shape bottle/jar/soap/sachet or other irregular shape of product such as stationery,toy, hardware , for example, car brake,valve, bearing, pencil, eyebrow pencil, pen, birthday candle etc.
    3.Feature: Dynamic operation to be full automatic to connect with the front machine, such as labeling machine, tube filling machine, sachet packing machine,soap making machine,bottle filling machine etc, or semi automatic cartoning by manual product feeding onto the machine conveyor.
    4.Stable running speed: 70-100 pcs per min as per the product feature

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