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Automatic Blister Packing Machine

  • 2023 New Automatic PP Blister Packaging Machine
    Automatic PP Blister Packaging Machine.Widely used in PP/HIPS/PLA/PET and other plastic blister,food/hardware/daily use/medicinee/electronic components/health care products and similar materials for blister sealing packaging,Can be high-temperature sterilization and cold storage.
  • Automatic Toothbrush Blister Packaging Machine
    GAC-330 is suitable for blister paper card packaging( full face sealed blister packaging).
    Such like commodity--toothbrush, stationery--pencil,eraser,solid glue, cosmetic--lip blam, oil, kitchen supplie--gas lighter and so on.
  • 2023 New DPP-180 Flat Type Automatic Blister Packaging Machine
    This product is a pharmaceutical packaging machine innovatively designed by our company, and its functions have reached the domestic advanced level. Suitable for aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic, aluminum-aluminum composite sealing packaging of capsules, tablets, large honeydew, candy, liquid, paste, disposable syringes and special-shaped objects in the pharmaceutical, health care products, food, cosmetics, medical equipment and other industries . The machine adopts microcomputer programming control, frequency conversion speed regulation, touch panel operation, high degree of automation, and is an ideal blister packaging equipment.
  • Automatic PVC/PET Plastic Blister Thermoforming Paper Card Sealing Packing Machine
    AC-400 is suitable for blister paper card package( half face sealing ), such as daily commodity ( razor, rubber,nipple,sticky hook),small hardware (battery, electronics, glue), stationery (pencil, eraser, correction fluid, solid glue) and so on.
  • Alcohol cotton ball blister packing machine
    We can customize the mould to produce 4 holes blister, 6 holes blister ,8 holes blister and 10 holes blister or others as per the requirement of customer by changing the mould. We adopts advanced servo motor control, the mould changing is easy and fast.
    The alcohol filling, we adopts high precision peristaltic pump, the filling volume , even less than 0.5ml is realizable. And the filling volume is also adjustable on the pump.

    The working process is as following:
    PET/PVC unwinding ---- PET/PVC heating---blister hole pocket forming ---- cotton ball feeding into the blister pocket---alcohol filling from peristaltic pump---sealing with alu foil ---final product punching and output
  • Margarine Shea/Cocoa /Peanut Butter blister packing machine
    1.Model: DPP-150
    2.Application: Machine for automatic butter blister packing, such as for margarine, shea butter, cocoa butter, peanut butter. The final product is mono dose small volume butter packing package around 10gram, 15gam,20 gram , 30gram or around.
    3.Packing material: PVC/PET/PS for forming blister and alu foil or composite foil for sealing
    4.Machine feature: Small and compact in size, suitable for small and medium scale production
    Filling volume can be adjusted different shapes and size of blister can be customized by changing mould

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