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  • [Blog] Singapore- Capsule and Tablet Counting Machine

    A new YL-4 counting machine is shipped to Singapore, it is not a big machine but it will help customer a lot who is at the beginning stage of pharmaceutical or supplement product production.YL-4 counting machine, it is suitable for the counting of following products1. hard capsule size at 5#-000#2

  • [Blog] Notice of Qingming Holiday & Introduction to Qingming Festival

    Qingming Festival is coming in China. This festival falls on Apr. 4th this year. Therefore, we will have a holiday of this weekend. During the holiday, our staff will be online. If you have any question on machine or aftersale, please text us. We will reply you soon. Qingming Festival is also known

  • [Blog] Non-electrolytic Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant

    Non-electrolytic hypochlorous acid disinfectant is weakly acid, whose PH value is within 5.5.-6.5. It contains 50ppm-200ppm chlorine and obtains high oxidation-reduction potential (strong oxidability). Hypochlorous acid origins from immune agents of human body. As a disinfectant agent generated thro

  • [Blog] Holidays in April

    As April is coming, what holidays will be celebrated all over the world? April Fool’s Day - 4.1Although April Fool’s Day is not statutory, people still enjoy it every April, 1st. It is said that this holiday origins from France. In 1564, France reformed to set January 1st as the start of an year, in

  • [Blog] How is face mask ultrasonic welded?

    Do you know ultrasonic welding, a welding technique which is commonly applied in face mask production? What is ultrasonic welding? Two objects friction and their surface molecules fuse due to the high frequency vibration wave and pressure on both objects. Actually, we can see some indentation on our

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