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  • [Blog] Mono dose perfume package test

    Last week, our engineers spent almost four days in the factory to debug a mono dose perfume liquid filling and sealing machine and the samples produced on this machine. This machine is used to pack mono dose single use perfume. For this machine test, the customer specially delivered us 30-kilogram p

  • [Blog] What are the Benefits of Olive Oil?

    What are the Benefits of Olive Oil?Olive oil is the common edible vegetable oil on our dining table and considered as the most suitable oil for human nutrition supply among all oils. It can have many functions, such as improving our looks and preventing cancer. But do you know other benefits of oliv

  • [Blog] Why Is Sunflower Seed Oil Healthy?

    As green and healthy life is no longer a slogan but actually comes into our life, sunflower seed oil gradually catches our attention with its high nutritional value. But what nutrient does sunflower seed oil contain? Sunflower seed oil looks gold and transparent and smells fragrant. It contains a la

  • [Blog] Thailand-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Thailand-Automatic Capsule Filling MachineAfter delivery to Thailand in continuous batch, each batch around 3 or 5 sets,we are ready to deliver an automatic capsule filling machine to Thailand by air now. This machine is equipped with a set of mold for 0# capsule. And as the buyer needs it in urgent

  • [Blog] Back sealing sachets and four-side sealing sachets

    Back sealing sachets and four-side sealing sachetsSachet type is always an important basis for powder packing machine selection. In other words, sachet type determines which kind of sachet packing machine the buyers should choose to package their powder since machines are not universal.What are the

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