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  • [Blog] Festivals in March

    March is coming. What will the people from different country do in this March? Let’s have a look together. St. David’s Day & Peach Flower Festival (Doll’s Festival) & Day of Silence & Las Fallas & St. Patrick’s Day & Maple Sugar Festival

  • [Blog] Why package is important to medicine?

    Although medical packaging looks inconspicuous, it cannot be belittled. No matter of humidity, cleanness parameters or electronic supervision code challenges medical packaging production. As its direct downstream industry is drug, the quality regulation of medical packaging look vital. It is the att

  • [Blog] The new features and changes of Asian cosmetics

    The new features and changes of Asian cosmeticsIdeas, sales data, rules and formula of cosmetics and personal care products are changing in Asian market, which turns to change its packing. At first, let’s have an overview to rules, features and commonality of cosmetic market and then, have a discuss

  • [Blog] The Latest New Packing Idea and Concept

    In food or beverage industries, package is as important as products. Package cannot only attract consumers, but also protect products during transport. In addition, it can extend the shelf life of fresh farm produce and avoid waste. As people pay more and more attention to sustainable and sanitary p

  • [Blog] How to maintain Powder Packing Machine

    Powder packing machine is mainly developed and designed to pack ultrafine powders in high precision. Depending on the signal sent by weight sensor under the container, the machine can fill, measure and lift or lower. Therefore, it can be applied in fields such as medicine, foodstuff and chemicals, t

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