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  • [Blog] What is Wet tissue Packing Machine

    What is Wet tissue Packing Machine Wet tissue packing machine is actually a combination of sachet packing machine and filling machine. The machine is mainly composed of automatic encoder, PLC, sachet making system, vibrating system, dust cleaning system, solenoid valve, thermometer, vacuum generator

  • [Blog] Choice for wet wipes

    Currently, most wet wipes on the market are common wipes and sanitary wipes, somewhat different from disinfectant wipes. Therefore, before using wet wipes, we should have the knowledge to choose the right wipes. If we want to use wet wipes for the purpose of disinfection, disinfectant wet wipes are

  • [Blog] Knowledge for Spunlace Non-woven Fabric

    Knowledge for Spunlace Non-woven Fabric1. Definition--what is spunlace non woven fabricHigh-pressure micro flow is ejected to the fiber web of superfine fiber non-woven fabric so that the fibers entwine with each other and the fiber web can be more reinforced. Such reinforced fabric is namely spunla

  • [Blog] International Wet Wipes Regulations

    International Wet Wipes Regulations Different regulations have been formulated in EU, USA, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and mainland of China on wet wipes. In general, wet wipes are categorized into cosmetics in most countries and areas and are managed according to the cosmetic laws and regulations, whic

  • [Blog] Preservatives in Wet Wipes

    Preservatives in Wet Wipes Preservatives , also called antiseptic substance ,refers to the natural or synthetic chemical constituent used in food, drug, colorant, biological specimen, etc.. to defer rot caused by microorganism proliferation or chemical reaction. Common preservatives includes nitrite

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