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  • Alcohol cotton ball blister packing machine
    This cotton ball alcohol blister packing machine adopt frequency control of speed and are mechanical, electric, light and pneumatic integration. They conform to GMP standards and can inspect products, reject unqualified products and track eye mark. We can customize the mould to produce 4 holes blister, 6 holes blister ,8 holes blister and 10 holes blister or others as per the requirement of customer by changing the mould. We adopts advanced servo motor control, the mould changing is easy and fast.
    The alcohol filling, we adopts high precision peristaltic pump, the filling volume , even less than 0.5ml is realizable. And the filling volume is also adjustable on the pump.

    The working process is as following:
    PET/PVC unwinding ---- PET/PVC heating---blister hole pocket forming ---- cotton ball feeding into the blister pocket---alcohol filling from peristaltic pump---sealing with alu foil ---final product punching and output
  • Mono dose strip tube filling and sealing machine
    This is a semi automatic single dose( also called mono dose)tube filling and sealing machine, the working process is as following:
    1. Mono dose strip tube feeding onto the machine by hand
    2. Liquid or cream, paste filling into the tube by filling pump
    ( the pump will be different as per the product viscosity)
    3. tube sealing
    4. filled and sealed tube discharge
  • COVID-19 Diagnostic Solution mono dose plastic bottle forming filling sealing machine
    Now under the pandemic of COVID-19, the testing demand which is accurate and proven results are of key essential. This highly-automated molecular diagnostic solution to work by matching the test kit , sterile flocked collection swab is normally in small volume, such as 0.1ml, 0.3ml, 0.5ml or 1ml. The mono dose bottle made on our machine is the most ideal equipment to do this bottle forming , solution filling , and bottle sealing.
company show02Hunan Grand Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd(with Hunan Grand International Trade Co.,ltd as the marketing and exporting compan) is specialized in the pharmaceutical and packing machiney for almost 20 years, such as plastic ampoule forming filling and sealing machine, capsule filling machine, blister packing machine, strip packaging machine, cartoning machine etc. We have provided services and machines to many different countries and regions in the whole world, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Korea,the Middle East area, Poland, Belgium, France, UK, Greece, Italy, Turkey, USA, central and south America such as Trinidad and Tobago,Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, UZ, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco etc.And we always gain the good reputation from customer both from the machine quality and after sales service.
We are cooperating with various kinds of factories and companies in different fields, including pharmaceutical factory, food factory, supplement factory, agrochemical factory such as for pesticide, fertilizer, personal care product factory, such as for cosmetic product, daily use product, stationery factory, hardware factory etc.
Our company has very clear division in different apartment. Our sales team are professional in communicating with customer to answer questions about different aspects of our machine, And we have our own technical research group to do the new product development and also the professional group for customer overseas after sales service .
We have our unique service. First, we will provide the detail and professional machine installation and mould changing video. Secondly, we can input different language into the touchscreen beside English, such as French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Polish etc. Thirdly, we can help customer to purchase the related packing material to work with our machine, especially for the product that has strict requirement for the material and environment protecting, we have rich experience in this.
 We are always here for you......

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  • Successful installation and running for condom sachet packing machine.

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  • USA---Grand New 2020 --- the First Good News, the New Start

    Happy new year 2020, wish all the best for our friends and customers all over the world.Your support made us in the past 2019, we will grow and achieve more with you together in the new 2020. Just now we received the best new year gift from our USA customer, who purchased the blister packing machine

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