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Bottle filling and capping production line

  • ZHG 50 Automatic Cream Filling And Capping Machine
    This machine can be used in cosmetics, light industry (daily-use chemical industry), pharmaceutical industry and food, etc.
    Filling capacity:5-200g
    Production capacity:40 bottles/min
    Filling precision:≥99%
    Capping rate:≥99%
    Screwing rate:≥99%
    Labeling precision: ±1 mm
    Main motor power:2KW 220V single phase
  • ZHJY-50 Filling & Capping Machine
    1. PLC controls accurate filling volume and convenient operation.
    2. The function of the filling system to suck back can be made to order to ensure no leak.
    3. Robots stopper and cap automatically.
    4. The function of stopping operation automatically is acquired. The machine stops operation automatically when no filling and no capping continuously appear in any conveyer.

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