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ZHG 50 Automatic Cream Filling And Capping Machine

This machine can be used in cosmetics, light industry (daily-use chemical industry), pharmaceutical industry and food, etc.
Filling capacity:5-200g
Production capacity:40 bottles/min
Filling precision:≥99%
Capping rate:≥99%
Screwing rate:≥99%
Labeling precision: ±1 mm
Main motor power:2KW 220V single phase
  • ZHG 50


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This machine can be used in cosmetics, light industry (daily-use chemical industry), pharmaceutical industry and food, etc. For those enterprises choosing the plastic bottles or glass bottles as packaging container, this machine can fill the facial cream, grease, emulsifiable paste, gel or viscous fluids into bottle for capping and screwing, and finally output the finished product. The working process can be divided to five main parts: bottle entering the rotary plate, automatic lifting to fill material, automatic capping, servo screwing and bottle discharging.


Bottle entering way: operators put the empty bottles on the turntable, as with the table rotating and the weight of bottles themselves, they will be sent to the conveying belt.

Bottle detecting device: the photoelectric sensor will detect if there is any position lacking of bottle on the turntable, and send the detection signal to computer to control material filling (has bottle) or not (no bottle).

Filling device: if it’s detected with bottle in front station, PLC control the filling mouth entering the bottle to fill material; if no bottle, there will be no filling.

Capping device: arrange the caps automatically through vibration plate or elevator. With vacuum taking caps to cap on the bottle, it’s more efficient and stable.

Servo screwing: if there is cap detected, the servo motor will control the twisting force and rotating speed to ensure that the cap is screwed up with same tightness.

Bottle discharge: the well-screwed bottles will be discharged and transmitted to the next procedure.


Filling capacity


Production capacity

40 bottles/min

Filling precision


Capping rate


Screwing rate


Labeling precision

±1 mm

Main motor power

2KW 220V single phase

 Automatic Cream Filling And Capping Machine process



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