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Automatic Sachet Packing Machine

  • Automatic two lanes gel sachet packing machine
    It is suitable for the two lanes sachet filling and packing for paste, cream, gel or liquid, such as shampoo, hand sanitizer gel, cream, sauce etc.
    This machine is automatic packing machine processing two rolls of film on two lanes. It is installed with two kinds of pump, piston pump or needle valve pump, which would be chosen on clients’ request, the piston pump is for paste and the needle valve pump for liquid.
  • Granule Sachet Packing Machine
    This packing machine can be used to pack small granules or mixture of granules and powder in many industries, such as foodstuff, medical industry, daily chemicals, tea industry and seed industry. For example, sugar, Cholecalciferol Granule, calcium carbonate granule, vitamin D3 granule.
    We can make four-side sealing, three-side sealing and back sealing sachet on the machine, the sachet pattern can be changed by changing mould.
  • Powder Sachet Packing Machine
    This is a single line sachet packing machine for powder in food, supplement, daily chemical product and pharmaceutical industries, such as pro-biotic powder, talcum powder, coffee powder, tea powder, sugar powder, disinfectant powder ,chlorine powder, soy powder etc.
  • Cream/Gel/jam/Ketchup/paste sachet packing machine
    DXDO-J500E sachet filling and packing machine, it is suitable for the filling and packing for paste, jam, gel, cream in daily necessities, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic fields etc, such as chocolate, fruit jam, marmalade,tomato sauce,chilli sauce,hair shampoo, sterilizing hand sanitiser,disinfection gel, honey, facial cream etc.
    The working process is as following:
    Packing film unwinding --sachet forming--product feeding and filling--sachet sealing--batch No embossing or printing--cutting and final product output. We can customize the machine as per your requirement
  • Gel/honey/ sachet /sauce /liquid sachet filling machine
    DXDO-J900E sachet filling and packing machine, it is the high speed sachet filling and packaging equipment mostly applied in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, daily chemical necessities products, for example, we have rich experience in filling and packing for honey, ketchup, hand sanitizer, marmalade, different kinds of fruit jam, chilli sauce, hair shampoo, facial cream and so on.
    The machine can fulfill the following working process:
    Packing material unwinding --sachet forming--product feeding and filling--sachet heat sealing--batch No embossing or printing--cutting and final product output. We can also customize the machine for you if you have any special requirement.
  • Hand Sanitizer/Shampoo/Gel sachet Packing Machinery
    Automatic liquid packing machine is applied to pack liquid, cream, sauce or the solids in industries of pharmacy, foodstuff, daily chemicals, pesticide, plastic production and special industry. Some products are shampoo, shower gel, cream, fats, greases, cosmetics, pesticides, fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, seasoning oils, chili paste, hot pot base, clear oil, ketchup, etc..

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