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  • 220pcs/min Cream Tube Filling Sealing Machine
    GDF model machine has beening continously introducing and absorbing advanced technology from abroad and taking domestic demands and features of pharmacy, cosmetics, foods, daily industry, painting and glue into consideration. GDF model machine is one type of high mechanical electrical apparatus machine, which could fill paste, cream and semisolid material into metal tubes, plastic tubes or laminate tubes according to ordinary or special requirement, then sealed the tube tail.
  • Automatic Condom Packing Machine
    MGD-130 multifunctional automatic aluminum foil two-row condom packing machine is a new product with high degree of automation designed by our company for condom factories, health care products factories and hospital preparation rooms.It is especially suitable for the production of various products.The machine adopts microcomputer programming control, variable frequency speed regulation and touch panel operation.Feeding, heat sealing, oil injection, package cutting, batch number printing and other processes are all continuously and automatically completed, easy to operate, fully functional, is an ideal condom packaging equipment.
  • Automatic Doypack Case Packer Box Packaging Machine Line
    This machine can open boxes, fold bottom flaps of the boxes, seal the box bottom with tape and out-feed the opened box. It is economical and practical.
  • 150pcs/min Cosmetic Tube Filling Sealing Machine
    GD-150A tube filling and sealing machine is a new filling equipment which is independently developed, designed and manufactured by our company, based on leading filling and sealing machine models and combined with practical tube production conditions. The machine is wholly closed in stainless steel and is suitable to fill and seal aluminium tubes of variable specifications. Its max. speed can reach 150 tubes per minute and actual normal speed reaches 120 to 150 tubes per minute. Its filling error is equal to more or less than 1%. The sealing type for aluminum tubes is hot air pressing,for plastic tube is hearting sealing pressing.
  • Customized Automatic Filling Machine Pump Peristaltic Pump Filling System for Liquid Monodose Filling Bottle
    This filling system is a filling peristaltic pump independently developed by Migrand Precision Pump. It consists of an intelligent filling system and the main controller. The standard drive unit is 2 channels,which can be expanded up to 32 channels. This system can be adapted to 12 different tubes, which can fully meet customer application needs and provide more flow selection.
  • High Quality Liquid Dosing Pump Magnesium Chloride Transfer for Lab Peristaltic Pump
    Peristaltic Pump is a simple operating dispensing pump that can set the Filling volume/Filling time/ Pause time/ Copy number on the touch screen directly. No need to count the tube flow and time. Like the auto smart camera replaced the traditional camera. Which can improve your work efficiency. This pump with compact structure and Desktop design that is suitable for manual semi-auto & small batch filling.

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