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  • Tube test kit filling and capping machine for corona virus
    This is a full automatic test kit tube filling and capping machine, the working processes are as following:

    Tube feeding by vibrating feeder-- tube locating and placing--test kit solution liquid filling--auto cap feeding and screwing--final product output

    We can also connect the final filled and capped tube for the next labeling machine.
  • BH-N95 Automatic Mask Machine
    This machine can be used for automatic forming of folded N95 mask. After release, a roll of non-woven material is folded through rollers. The machine can fold non-woven material, release nose clip roll, cut clip in certain length, insert clip into non-woven edge, ultrasonic weld and seal double edge of mask and then punch mask with cutter.
  • Granule Sachet Packing Machine
    This packing machine can be used to pack small granules or mixture of granules and powder in many industries, such as foodstuff, medical industry, daily chemicals, tea industry and seed industry. For example, sugar, Cholecalciferol Granule, calcium carbonate granule, vitamin D3 granule.
    We can make four-side sealing, three-side sealing and back sealing sachet on the machine, the sachet pattern can be changed by changing mould.
  • Powder Sachet Packing Machine
    This is a single line sachet packing machine for powder in food, supplement, daily chemical product and pharmaceutical industries, such as pro-biotic powder, talcum powder, coffee powder, tea powder, sugar powder, disinfectant powder ,chlorine powder, soy powder etc.
  • Face mask flow packing machine
    This is a flow packing machine, also called pillow packing machine, which is suitable for packing various kinds of products in bar, block and strip shape in food, medical, daily use product, pharmaceutical, such as cakes, bread,chocolate, instant noodle, napkin, soap, blisters for medicine, and now it is especially the hot equipment for packing mask such as KN95 mask, N95 mask, medical face mask, surgical face mask,disposable face mask.
  • Automatic N95 Mask Machine
    N95 mask making machine, the working proces include the following
    raw material unwinding--mask forming and shaping-- bridge nose strip embeddubg---embossing--folding--cutting--mask output--ear strap ultrasonic sealing

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