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  • Mono dose strip tube filling and sealing machine
    This is a semi automatic single dose( also called mono dose)tube filling and sealing machine, the working process is as following:
    1. Mono dose strip tube feeding onto the machine by hand
    2. Liquid or cream, paste filling into the tube by filling pump
    ( the pump will be different as per the product viscosity)
    3. tube sealing
    4. filled and sealed tube discharge
  • COVID-19 Diagnostic Solution mono dose plastic bottle forming filling sealing machine
    Now under the pandemic of COVID-19, the testing demand which is accurate and proven results are of key essential. This highly-automated molecular diagnostic solution to work by matching the test kit , sterile flocked collection swab is normally in small volume, such as 0.1ml, 0.3ml, 0.5ml or 1ml. The mono dose bottle made on our machine is the most ideal equipment to do this bottle forming , solution filling , and bottle sealing.
  • Sterile flocked collection devices packing machine
    Application:This is our 2 sterile flocked collection devices strip packing machine, the sterile flocked collection device, also called sterile foam swab sachet packing machine, is a must for use during COVID-19 pandemic.It can also be used as the cotton swab( also called cotton bud) sachet packing machine to pack required quantity of cotton bud into the sachet.
  • Automatic two lanes gel sachet packing machine
    It is suitable for the two lanes sachet filling and packing for paste, cream, gel or liquid, such as shampoo, hand sanitizer gel, cream, sauce etc.
    This machine is automatic packing machine processing two rolls of film on two lanes. It is installed with two kinds of pump, piston pump or needle valve pump, which would be chosen on clients’ request, the piston pump is for paste and the needle valve pump for liquid.
  • Automatic Face mask cartoning Machine
    Automatic face mask cartoning machine, it is designed for the big box cartoning for multi pieces face mask, such as 10pcs,30 pcs,50 pcs or more.
    Working process: Face mask stacking(either connected with the face mask making machine or stacking by hand)--box opening--face mask pushing into the box--bathc No embossing(optional)--tuck in box closing or glue sealing--final cartoned box output
    It also can be applied to the cartoning of some other products in big box, such as tissue, facial mask bags etc
  • ZH-50S Automatic Vertical Rotary Cartoning Machine
    This is a vertical cartoning machine, which is suitable for the various sizes of vertical box packing for different kinds of product in food, cosmetic, hardware, pharmaceutical industries, such as sachet, bag, tube, bottle, jar, soap, blisters etc.
    The working process is as following:
    Box feeding-box opening-bottom closing or sealing with glue-product feeding automatically or by hand from the top -top closing or sealing with glue
    This vertical cartoner, its stable speed is around 40boxes per min.

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