Good Feedback From Vietnam Customer

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Good Feedback from Vietnam customer

- Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine GGS-240P5-A and Blister Packing Machine DPP-150

Just in the beginning of lunar year of 2024, we are glad to receive the first favourable comment from our Vietnam customer, who has purchased liquid filling and sealing machine GGS-240P5-A in July 3, and blister packing machine DPP-150 in October of the recent past 2023. The continuous purchasing is all because that , the customer is satisfied with the liquid vial forming filling machine, so he purchased the second machine from us.

Good reviews from Vietnam 2

The plastic ampoule vial filling and sealing machine is used for probiotics mixed with water, which is liquid and not thick.  As per the good flowability of the liquid, we equip this machine with peristaltic pumps. Meanwhile, we can also equip the machine with piston pump, ceramic pump, self-flowing pump and more depending on the product fluidity and viscosity or other special properties, such as paste, jam, sauce, olive oil, honey, oral preparation, lotion, cream and so on. For example, piston pump for viscous products, ceramic pump for high filling precision and small volume products to 0.5/1ml. The unit dose capsule packing machine key process is from plastic bottles forming, liquid filling,batch No embossing, sealing, punching, finished products discharge to waste collecting.  We can also install the inkjet printer on our liquid capsule forming filling sealing machine, or connect with the labeling machine to show more product information.

Good reviews from Vietnam

Our machines do not follow a set pattern. They are always varied depending on the material to be processed. Take the tablet packing machine as an example, the capsule blister packaging machine is equipped with two molds, one is for alu/alu (aluminum) blister, and the other is for PVC/alu blister. For different materials, mold, temperature, sealing, speed and other parameters should be set correspondingly, which we will set before shipment from the factory. In actual production, operators can adjust these parameters directly in the touch screen to meet their different requirements. What’s more, the machine is equipped with inspection photoelectric, to make sure the packing accuracy and consistency of the blisters.

Besides, when customers has needs of perforation, opening-aid, lot coding, web embossing and so on, we can design the machine accordingly. We’re very glad to hear what our customers want, to discuss with them about the feasibility of the production plan and to explore more possibilities of our machines.

The belief of us is to make customer better because of us, every time when we receive good feedback from customer , it is great encourage for us to drive us do better and better. This kind of satisfaction is more meaningful than anything else.

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