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Mono dose liquid filling and sealing machine

1. Model: GGS-240P5 A
2. Application: Mono dose/dosis capsule forming filling and sealing machine for small volume liquid and half liquid product, such as oral liquid, food jam, sauce, olive oil, sunflower seed oil etc), medicine, oral liquid, syrup, cosmetic( lotion, cream, shampoo), liquid fertilizer, pesticide etc.
3. Packing material: PET/PE, PVC/PE or PET/EVOH/PE( We can also provide the packing material if needed)
4. Filling volume: 1-100ml( can be customized to 200ml)
5. Capacity: 0.25 punches times the bottle quantity
  • GGS-240P5 A
  • 8422303090

1. Application

This mono dosis plastic bottle forming filling and sealing machine is suitable for the unit mono dose dosage of oral liquid medicine, beverage, health care product, milk product, food, cosmetic, perfume, pesticide, liquid fertilizer, syrup, fruit paste,jam etc. It can finish the following working process including the following:

Packing film unwinding--folding--bottle/ampoule forming--product filling--sealing--final product output. We can also add the extra printing and letter or logo engraving function on the machine.


This is a newly developed equipment based on GGS-240P5, with the special features of easy to be transported. The packing material unwinding part can be separated from the machine main part, and the machine main part is also shorter than the old model GGS-240 P5. So it is easy to be moved when in transportation or when place changed. And because the size is smaller than the old model, the room is saved. What's more, extra two more Servo motors are adopted, so the bottle quantity can be set in the touch screen as customer requires, no matter 1pc, 2pcs, 3pcs or 4pcs......



2. Features

1) The machine adopts HC high-speed and high-accuracy motion controller, stepless frequency control of speed and servo motor to control packing film pulling;

2) HMI allows simple operation;

3) The packing film can be fed and cut automatically and photoelectric eye mark tracking system makes sure high products’ quality;

4) The material is pumped by peristaltic pump, mechanical pump or piston pump for convenient adjustment;

5) The filling station features high filling accuracy, no leak, no foam and no overflow;

6) Parts contacting the material are made of SS316 and the outer cover made of SS304, which meets the GMP standards;

7) The bottle bottom is flat so that the bottles can be upright;

8) The cutter is controlled by a pair of servo motors to punch bottles in any number.


3. Main technical parameters


GGS-240P5 A

Max. forming depth


Forming frequency

0-25 times

Packing film

PVC/PE, PET/PE (0.2-0.4)*140mm

Filling volume

1-100ml( can be customized to fill up to 200ml)

Total power


Powder supply


Machine weight


Overall dimensions (L*W*H)

3380x950x1800 (mm)

Dimension of the main split part


Production Process

 118p5a-Mono dose liquid filling and sealing machineproduct-process

 118p5a-Mono dose liquid filling and sealing machineproduct-process01

Sample Display

 118p5a-Mono dose liquid filling and sealing machine

Our Services

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Service 3We will dispatch engineers to your site for machine installation and commissioning, and also do the training for your technicians.

Service 4We makes guarantee of the machine for 12 (twelve) months. During this Warranty period, the seller will provide free spare parts that cause by the machine’s quality within 10 days by fast courier upon receipt of buyer’s notice.(we will also provide one set of spare parts /wear &tear parts to customer along with the shipment of the machine. 
Service 5We warmly welcome the suggestions from customer to make us grow better and produce better machine along with providing better service to customer, and create more value for customer.
Service 6Before placing the order or before shipping, welcome to our factory to take a visit to inspect our machine. we will pick you up in the airport or train station and arrange your following schedule in our city to bring you a nice journey during this visit.

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