Hungary- Control Panel for DPP-80 Blister Packing Machine

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We received a feedback from our French customer today. We can find through his words, he appreciates the control panel for the DPP-80 blister packing machine very much. We’re also glad for the beautiful coincidence that he receives this panel on his birthday.


In fact, it’s not the first time for unfamiliar customers to buy machine parts from us. And they have the same reason: their former suppliers are not in service and disappeared . This French customer now has a DPP-80 blister packing machine. But he lost contact with his former supplier when he found the control panel didn’t work and can only turned to other suppliers. Because his supplier now is not in exist. Finally he placed the order to us. Control panel is always in stock and we delivered it to him as quickly as we can.

 Hungary- Control Panel for DPP-80 Blister Packing Machine feedback

Machine can have long service life, but some parts of a machine will have wear and tear in a certain time. And some electric parts are more delicate. We have been always receiving orders from new or old customers for these parts. Particularly, except for control panel, other auxiliary parts such as vacuum pump, filling rod for capsule filling machine, peristaltic pump for liquid filling and sealing machine and so on are all in our sales scope. An American once bought a vacuum pump from us also because his former supplier didn’t respond him.

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