Vietnam ----- DTJ-V Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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When it comes to capsule filling machines, we often divide them to automatic machines and manual machines. The former can perform capsule filling at high speeds in batch production but is costly, while the latter are cheap products but increase the cost of labor and time. But when you are seeking a capsule filling machine of average price and average production speed, we could offer you a third choice - DTJ series semi-automatic capsule filling machine, just like the one we offered to one of our regular Vietnamese customers. Now this machine has been delivered to Pingxiang, a border city of China, ready to the shipment to Vietnam by truck.


We do not do much modification on semi-automatic capsule filling machines except for configuration of a touch screen depending on customers needs and the change of some electric components. The new DTJ machine to Vietnam is equipped with a touch screen and thus modeled as DTJ-V. The machine with no touch screen is modeled by DTJ-C. Besides, the customer additionally bought a pair of capsule disk when the machine already had a pair of capsule disk coming standard with the machine. With these changes, a DTJ-V machine can fill capsules at the speed of 400-600 pieces per minute, similar to that of a NJP-400 automatic capsule filling machine, but has a lower price than the NJP-400 almost by half. On the other hand, when compared with the manual capsule filling plates, the DTJ machines can have more obvious advantages, such as higher speeds, less contamination due to manual operation and more time saving.


How to choose capsule filling machine, what is the advantage of a semi automatic capsule filling machine ?

The biggest advantage of semi automatic capsule filling machine is that it has much lower requirement for the powder flow ability, even the very find powder or herbal powder is suitable to be filled on semi automatic capsule filling machine.

What is the most appropriate equipment for you and what will you consider while buying a capsule filling equipment? You can tell us your requirements on price, cleanliness, production speed and so on and we can recommend our machines accordingly.



DTJ series semi-automatic capsule filling machine

DTJ-V semi automatic capsule filler

DTJ-C semi automatic capsule filling machine

advantage of semi automatic capsule filling machine

how to choose capsule filling machine

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