Greece ----- DTJ-V Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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In the next few days, we are going to ship a DTJ-V semi-automatic capsule filling machine to Greece. As the machine favored by many capsule product producers, the DTJ-V sells good to many countries and areas around the world thanks to its competitive characteristics.


First of all, as a branch of DTJ series, the DTJ-V machines have the same special features and advantages with other DTJ model machines, when compared with our NJP series automatic capsule filling machines. For examples, they have smaller footprint. Smaller footprint means lower shipment and transport cost and lower space requirement. Besides, as a machine which is not fully automatic, they are cheaper. However, cheapness doesn’t cause low quality. We always select high-grade components and configurations from reliable suppliers and brands to fulfill the coordination of the machine mechanisms. In addition, this machines can have better performance than the automatic capsule filling machine when the material is slightly stickier or very fine.


Except the above unique advantages, the DTJ-V machines have the common features, such as easy mold change which can shorten the downtime between batches. Besides, the equipment of a touch screen on the DTJ-V machines eases machine control and operation. Therefore, even though they are semi-automatic, the DTJ-V can also be high-efficient machines when they are set and operated properly.


If you already have the DTJ-V semi automatic capsule filler or DTJ-C semi automatic capsule filler, and now you need some spare parts for the semi auto capsule filling machine, such as dosing disk or new mould etc, please contact us for fast delivery.

In addition,If the budget allows, you can also consider full-automatic capsule filling machine, which has higher output and simpler operation.



DTJ-V semi-automatic capsule filling machine to Greece

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DTJ-V semi automatic capsule filler

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