Russia--Mono dose animal drops filling sealing machine

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As a new mono dose animal drop liquid filling and sealing machine will be shipped to Russia soon, we could expand the machine’s application to animal drops packaging, as a branch of pet healthcare. Exactly, the Russian customer wants this machine to package animal drops which, in his words, can be used for kittens, puppies, dogs, cats and other animals, or some kind of ear drops. As he said, the main compositions of the drops are 70% propanol (lsopropyl alcohol), 10% essential oils and 10% extracts.

ear drops capsule liquid filling sealing machine sample

The drops can also be understood as anthelmintic. Pets are always infected by parasites. They can absorb nutrition from the pets, leading malnutrition, slow growth, weakness and disease of the pets. Therefore, some anthelmintic is needed to kill these parasite. As for the anthelmintic form, the common are tablet, sprays and drops. Anthelmintic tablets should be accessed orally. But some pets are sensitive to the smell and might resist tablet access. The anthelmintic sprays can only be used in vitro and is powerless to kill the internal parasites. At last, the drops, it can kill parasites both in vitro and internally. It should be noted that some compositions of the animal drops are aggressive and harmful to ingestion. So the users can drip the drops to the position where the pets’ tongue can’t or won’t reach.

As to the package to the anthelmintic, it depends on the dosage form of the drugs. For example, the ideal package for anthelmintic tablets can be blister. A blister packing machine can finish the tablet packaging. In addition, as the name shows, anthelmintic sprays is contained by the spray bottles and the packaging is mainly completed on a bottle filling and capping machine. At last, drops can also be packaged on a bottle filling and capping machine. But the liquid filling and sealing machine can be another choice. The former machine uses pre-made bottles while the latter machine forms bottles on-line.

The machine to product mono dose animal drop anthelmintic liquid filling and sealing machine show as below

Russia--Mono dose animal drops filling sealing machine

The mono dose package, it is normal small in volume , we can check the sample photo for reference, the filling volume is often to be 1ml, 2ml or even less for one time usage.

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