Thailand ----- BTS68 Condom Packing Machine

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Condom packing machine ready for delivery after successful testing

We are ready to deliver three sets of BTS68 condom packing machines to Thailand in the following few days. As its name suggests, the machine is applicable to pack condoms with composite alu foil. The BTS68 machines have been advanced many times and are now among the leading and most reliable in the world market. It can finish manual condom feeding, film feeding, condom lengthening, heat sealing, perforating, punching and oil dripping automatically. Besides, if needed, the machine can form square packs (size: 55*55mm) or rectangular packs (size: 68*30mm) to pack condoms by adjusting the cam follower.


Sealing jaw( sealing mould for square shape condom sachet)


Both square and rectangular shape sachet can be packed on our machine.

It’s almost ten years since this Thai customer bought the first condom packing machine from us. In these ten years, they have also purchased several condom cartoning machines to connect with the condom packing machine to form an automatic production line. The condom packs discharged by the condom packing machine can be collected by a transit conveyor and conveyed to the cartoning machine. This downstream machine works to open cartons, load condoms and leaflets, tuck carton flaps, and discharge the sealed cartons. The advantages of a production line are apparent: Time and labor are saved greatly because their workers don't need to collect products from one machine and transfer them to another machine. Moreover, there is more than one production line in their factory, and the production efficiency can be enormously improved.

We can also connect the cellophane wrapping machine for condom box with the condom cartoning machine to have the same package same to cigarette box. 

It can be a pleasure to have a regular customer who witnesses the improvement and advancement of our company and often gives us inspiration and relevant comments about our machines.

                                                                                     condom blister packing machine



BTS68 condom packing machine

condom cartoning machine

cellophane wrapping machine for condom box

Square condom packing machine

Rectangular condom packing machine

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