USA - Mono dose CBD Oil Filling and Sealing Machine

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What do you know about cannabidiol, or more popularly, CBD? Natural extract of hemp, something similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or being addictive and hallucinogenic? In fact, hemp consists of hundreds of Cannabinoids and CBD is only one kind of them. THC is another kind. However, different to THC, CBD has nothing to do with addiction and hallucination. According to the definition of WTO to it, CBD has no psychoactivity, no dependence, no addiction and even no damage to human body.

CBD oil

CBD extract is extracted from industrial hemp and is naturally in the form of white crystal powder. It can dissolve in coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil and other eligible oil. The solution can also be called CBD oil. As the derivative product of CBD, CBD oil has similar benefits to CBD, such as treatment of acne vulgaris, relief of cancer and relative symptoms, alleviating the distressing symptoms of anxiety, and so on. With these benefits, CBD was once spread by WHO and now is popular in USA. Now it’s widely applied in medical industry, healthcare industry and cosmetic industry. It’s estimated that sales of CBD oil exceeded that of McDonald’s in USA.

Packaging can be a non-negligible part for products. For CBD oil packaging, liquid filling and sealing machine might be favored by producers and one was bought by a CBD derivatives production company of USA. With high-end configurations, the machine can form plastic bottles, fill CBD oil and seal, punch and discharge the filled bottles fully automatically in practical production. That machine was shipped in the last month of 2021 and now arrives in USA and waits for testing and debugging.

Beside liquid filling and sealing machine, blister packing machine can also be used to package CBD oil. When CBD ingredient is added into face creams or lotions, bottle filling and capping machine can be another choice for producers. All in all, we can provide CBD derivative products with primary packaging machines (liquid filling and sealing machine, blister packing machine, bottle filling and capping machine...) and secondary packing machines (cartoning machine, cellophane wrapping machine...)

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