Poland - GDZ130 Automatic Blister Cartoning Machine

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Before our traditional Chinese New Year Festival, we started our shipment of a GDZ130 automatic cartoning machine to Poland. This machine was built in a short space of time and could be transported to abroad quickly because we just had stock in our factory. But different to standard machines, this machine has some modifications so that it can adapt to practical production conditions in the user’s factory.

Blister cartoning machine to Poland

For example, the cartoning machine will be used to pack blisters into cartons. In this case, the machine is especially equipped with a set of blister feeder which is controlled by servo motor for accurate blister number determination and effective blister feeding. Besides, another set of plastic grid belt is provided. It’s higher than the standard grid belt to hold more pieces of blisters with larger height. We also equipped the machine with a new friend, i.e., a camera. The camera connects the machine into our monitor system so that we can guide our customer to operate the machine, replace its molds and clear errors remotely but timely. This camera will help us much, especially when it’s difficult for our engineers to go abroad at any time due to COVID-19. In the future, this device is going to be more applied on our machines, not only on cartoning machine, but also on blister packing machine, liquid filling and sealing machine, sachet packing machine and so on.

Cartons can protect products (e.g., blisters, plastic tubes or bottles, or sachets) well, make the following stacking, storage, transportation and so on more convenient, upgrade product quality, and attract more customers and give them more information. As a result, automatic cartoning machine are widely used and can play an important role in secondary packaging for capsule, powder, small tool, condom, tea and so on.

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