USA-----DPP-150 Soft Candy Blister Packing Machine

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Why is a DPP-150 blister packing machine worth purchasing? One of our blister packing machine buyer from USA might be able to answer this question when they buy the second DPP-150 from us. Now this new machine is on its way to USA and we are looking forward to our friends feedback.


Compared with the previous machine they bought half year ago, this new DPP-150 blister packing machine has two changes. One is the machines length. The machine is used to pack soft sweets which is some sticky. During practical production, workers fill the sweets into formed blister bubbles manually. The previous machine supports only two members to perform sweets filling while this new machine is lengthened for 500mm at its filling station so that two more members can join the sweets filling team. As a result, the machine speed can be largely increased and efficiency be improved. The other change is the machines touch screen. Normally, a DPP-150 blister packing machine has its touch screen fixed above the working table, so does the previous machine. On this new machine, however, the touch screen is changed to a hanging type. Operators can rotate the touch screen to another place within a certain angle to not disturb their working.




Our machines do not follow a set pattern. They are always varied depending on the material to be processed. Take the blister packing machine as an example. As a versatile machine, it can pack solids such as sugars and sweets, liquids such as honey and olive oil, semi-fluid such as cream and fruit jam and more. When the product is different, well equip the machine with different device at the filling station for smooth product filling. Besides, when customers has needs of perforation, opening-aid, lot coding, web embossing and so on, we can design the machine accordingly. Were very glad to hear what out customers want, to discuss with them about the feasibility of the plan and to explore more possibilities of our machines.


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Blister Packing Machine for candy

Candy blister packing machine

Blister Packaging Machine for candy

Candy blister packaging machine

Candy packing machine to USA

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