Thailand - Cotton Swab Ball and Alcohol Blister Packing Machine

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One blister packing machine DPP-260 model will be delivered to Thailand in the next few days. As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic is still a hot issue in Thailand. Our Thai customer is waiting for this machine to pack cotton balls with alcohol in blister with PET and alu foil for multi purpose usage..


Normal cotton balls are soft fiber balls made from cotton. They have multiple applications, especially in the medical field, such as bathing the wounds with hydrogen peroxide or iodine, applying antiseptics or topical ointments, cleaning minor cuts and skin irritations, and stopping blood after an injection or blood withdrawing. They are also used during surgical procedures to soak up internal blood. Besides, they can be used to pad a wound before it is bandaged. With these functions, cotton balls are favored and widely applied in hospitals and clinics. Besides, it can be commonly household goods for first aid, cosmetic removal, nail polish removal and so on.


However, this blister packing machine is not only used to pack cotton balls. First we fill the cotton ball into the formed blister hole pocket by hand . After cotton ball filling, anther station works, i.e., the peristaltic pump which can dose alcohol and pump it into the bubbles, too. After filling the two materials, the machine conveys bubbles to the sealing station and the following procedures are similar to that on other of our blister packing machines.


Being soaked in alcohol for a long time, the cotton balls obtains their particular function: disinfection and sterilization. In this case, their application is no longer limited in hospital and clinic or at home. They can be used as well as in some public places, just like portable wet wipes, to wipe door handle, table, elevator key and so on. Especially during pandemic, these cotton balls can help the users to prevent COVID-19 virus effectively.


This blister package for cotton ball and alcohol is very convenient, we can easily poke any number of blister holes to fetch the cotton ball moisturized with alcohol. You may find a lot in Thailand market, which are all be done on the blister packing machine as in following picture.



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