Malaysia -Mono dose perfume Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

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A liquid filling and sealing machine for mono dose perfume will be shipped to Malaysia in this week. It took about more than one month for the machine manufacturing and inspection, as well as some preparation for machine shipment.

The machine is used to fill and pack perfume in mono dose plastic bottles. The working process is as following: Mono dose plastic bottle forming--perfume filling from pump--bottle sealing--bottle cutting--output.

liquid filling and sealing machine for mono dose perfume

After manufacturing, the buyer originally intended to inspect the machine in our factory but the pandemic stopped the business travel. But the inspection still went on. Being not on the site, the buyer’s technicians can inspect the machine through video telephone. The online inspection lasted for three days. During the inspection, our technicians have good communication with the buyer’s and tried their best to explain the machine running to them. The inspection was accepted by the buyer and the end products were sent to the buyer at last.

The perfume has a layer of dialysis membrane film which can let the smell of perfume come outside , therefore, it is a good choice to be placed in the car, room etc.

Perfume liquid filling and sealing machine

Except the machine, the buyer additionally ordered a conveyor. Being formed, filling with liquid and sealed and discharged by the machine, the end products can be conveyed to the next machine for further packaging.


Normally speaking, a liquid filling machine can form a production line with a cartoning machine. When they are discharged by the filling machine, the plastic bottles can be conveyed to the cartoning machine through a conveyor. By setting proper technical parameters on the touch screen, the two machines can work in harmony and make the best production performance.

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