Turkey- Tooth needle blister packing machine which has been used for 8 years

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Here are some great reviews that a customer of 8 years ago recently gave me about our packaging machine!

In 2016, the company purchased a blister packaging machine for dental needle packaging from us.The customer is very satisfied with the machine because it is durable and works well so far.Here are his comments and the latest situation of the machine.

blister packaging machine Good reviewsblister packing machine Good reviews

Recently, they participated in the 2023 International Dental Products Exhibition in Istanbul.It has achieved good results in the exhibition.

As a result, the company wants to buy a new larger blister packing machine for large production and a new punching mold for the old machine as spare from us. Both of us will negotiate the details and requirements of the new machine in the following days.

What’s more, the company always recommend us, Hunan Grand Machinery, to their customers, partners and friends and advertise our machines to them. For us, nothing is more precious than customers’ affirmative and commend.

If you also need similar packing machinery, welcome to contact me.

blister packin machine Application

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