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This week, we shipped a deblister machine model GDY-130 to one of our old customer in Vietnam, who ordered an liquid filling and sealing machine from us not long ago. The deblister machine will arrive at Vietnam next Monday or Tuesday.

de-blister machine

The deblister machine is designed for pharmaceutical industry, which can quickly peel out capsules, tablets, pills, etc. from various types of blister plates. What’s more, the machine can adjust the spacing between different sizes of blister plates and medicines (such as capsules, tablets, pills or particles), to ensure that the medicines are completed and intact.

Vietnam de-blister machine

With the advantages of easy operation and convenient maintenance, the deblister machine is an ideal equipment for solving time consuming, labor waste, unsanitary and other questions of extruding medicines from blister plates by hand. Moreover, it is a machine of low power consumption, light weight, little occupation and low noise, and can be matched all aluminum/plastic blister packing machines.

There are some precautions for the maintenance of the machine:

1) The anti-corrosive oil has been painted at the surrounding surface before delivery for the standard products; when installing, if there' s cleaning and wiping module behavior, proper lubricating oil should be coated on the parts that are exposed to the outside before completing the installation of the machine.

2) Dismantling linear guideway parts at will may cause the foreign body to enter sliders or reducing product accuracy. So do not dismantle the product at will.

3) Running situation should be checked for every 50km running, or every two to six months, to eradicate accumulated dirt and supplement lubricating oil, or to choose to add protective cover additionally. Regular maintenance is recommended.

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