Algeria - Vacuum Homogenize Machine

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Vacuum Homogenize Machine

Vacuum homogenize machine seems to become a hot product of us recently. Till now, we have shipped a CBZRJ-250 to Malaysia in May, and another CBZRJ-500 has been shipped last week, after several days it will arrive at Algeria.

Vacuum homogenize machine is applicable for scientific research units, universities, medical quarantine stations, heavy industry, agriculture, environmental protection, forest protection department because of its stable performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to use, safe and reliable operation, high efficiency, etc. At present, it has been widely used in biochemical studies, animal and plant cell research, agriculture, livestock, petroleum industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industrial sector, and so on.

The homogenize machine adopts a scientific structure, at a high stirring speed, various liquids and compounds can be emulsified evenly with the appropriate soluble substances. It also can be used as a mixer at low stirring speed. The speed is displayed in digital for easy reading.

With intelligent protection mechanism, the machine can avoid operator injury with the automatic shutdown during operation in case of accident. In order to prolong the service life, please maintain it well before and after using it, which can maximize the use of the machine to prevent accidental damage.

For these advantages, our Algerian customer bought CBZRJ-500 to produce skin care products and medicines. Except the vacuum homogenize machine, the customer also required another 4 sets of oil-free air compressors to meet their production requirements. In addition, the machine is highly automatic and thus the product efficiency will be improved greatly.

If you are interested in this device and want to know more details, Pls contact me!!

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