PP Yogurt cup forming filling sealing packaging machine

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Usually, the yogurt packaging on the market at present usually uses paper cups to prefabricate, and then uses the cup filling and sealing machine to fill and package.The advantage of this is that the production cost is low, but the appearance of the cup is the same, stereotyped, lack of novelty!

Recently, we have developed an all-in-one machine for yogurt cup forming, filling and sealing.

The most important feature of the machine is that it can complete the molding of yogurt cups made of PP environmental protection materials.The container made of PP material can realize high temperature pasteurization, and the container does not deform or burst.When it is frozen at low temperature, it will not be brittle.The standard molding depth is 32mm, and the customization can reach 55mm.If you have a greater depth requirement, we can also customize it for you, such as 80mm, but this will increase the cost(the cost of two standard machines).

Yogurt sample for packing machine

The filling capacity is between 10 grams and 150 grams, and the production capacity is estimated to be 200 cups per minute, which varies according to the cup capacity and size.Ask for details separately.

The selection of PP materials meets the requirements of food and pharmaceutical packaging.Food factories can design any new shape of yogurt according to their needs, and the machine can quickly produce new yogurt products only by changing the shape of the mold.It is very suitable for the production demand of new yogurt products on the market.Moreover, this PP cup forming, filling and sealing machine is 70% cheaper than the same machine in the European market, and has a more cost-effective market prospect.

Yogurt packaging machine

If you are a yogurt manufacturer, or a machinery seller, interested in this machine, and want to know more about the details of the machine, welcome to consult!

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