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NJP-260 Full Automatic Pharmacy Pellet And Liquid Capsule Filling Machine

1.Application: 00#~5# capsule, secure capsule A~E, lengthened capsule
2.Filling material: Liquid such as oil, powder, pellet, small capsule, granule
3.Feature: Full automatic, it can fill more than one product at the same time on the machine.Such as the combination of oil with pellet, oil with small capsule etc.
4.Filling speed: around 220-260 pcs of capsule per min
  • NJP-260
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liquid capsule filling machine


The maximum production capacity of this machine can reach 260 capsules per minute. Standard and serial production: the interchangeability of manufacturing parts can reach above 99%; each spare part has its own regular code; while changing the mould, all the parts are fixed by the location hole with high precise; it’s very efficient to change the moulds, easy to operate and clean the machine.

Main performance:

1. Improve the driving cams of all stations, from original outer cam pulled by spring to inner groove cam made of high-quality special material. This change, eliminating the disadvantages of easy fatigue and short service life for spring pulling method, makes the machine more wearable and stable.

2. In consideration of the medicine dust easy to enter the machine mould after long-time running, causing the mould rotary plate to be disassembled for cleaning, the innovation design of seal ring preventing dust from outside is developed and applied to this machine, which completely ensures the sealing in running process and eliminates the shortcoming of tedious maintenance.

3. This machine adds the inching control system, convenient for the human-oriented operation in manufacturing and cleaning process.

4. If lack of capsule, the liquid feeding will stop automatically.

Compared with the other machine models in same industry, our 260 machine has such advantages as below:

1. This liquid capsule filling machine improves the internal design of mould rotary plate and adopts original Japan linear bearing, which can ensure its precision and service life.

2. It employs the cam underneath design and adds the pressure atomization oil pump, which can keep the cam groove lubricant, reduce wear and prolong the service life of accessories.

3. The upper and lower moulds of this machine carry out one-way movement. With employing the imported double-lip PU seal ring, it has very good sealing performance.

4. It adopts computer control, stepless frequency control of motor speed and digital display to make the operation more simple and intuitive.

5. It’s equipped with safety protection device for both operators and machine and auto-stop device for material lacking to make the machine run stably, safely and reliably, which is an ideal equipment for those pharmaceutical factories to produce hard capsules such as medicine or functional food.

6. This machine combines the mould blowing with sucking to ensure no dust in the mould hole and improve the rate of good finished capsules.

Main Technical Parameter of NJP-260 liquid capsule filling machine


Model NJP-260 Fully automatic liquid capsule filler







Power supply

3phase 4 wires AC 380V;50Hz

Maxi. Capacity

260 capsules/m

Capsule specifications

00#~5# and Safety Capsule A~E

Capsule feeding rate




Filling precision

Liquid Above 300mg≤±3%

Compressed air

0.06m3/min   0.3Mpa


Recycling water

Vacuum degree

-0.02~-0.06 MPa

Water flow


Intake water diameter


Discharge water diameter


Work environmental temperature


Workshop’s height

Manual Feeding≥2.6m, Automatic Feeding≥2.8m

Related Humidity 


Control system



Stainless steel 304 and 316.

Sample Display


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Service 3We will dispatch engineers to your site for machine installation and commissioning, and also do the training for your technicians.

Service 4We makes guarantee of the machine for 12 (twelve) months. During this Warranty period, the seller will provide free spare parts that cause by the machine’s quality within 10 days by fast courier upon receipt of buyer’s notice.(we will also provide one set of spare parts /wear &tear parts to customer along with the shipment of the machine. 
Service 5We warmly welcome the suggestions from customer to make us grow better and produce better machine along with providing better service to customer, and create more value for customer.
Service 6Before placing the order or before shipping, welcome to our factory to take a visit to inspect our machine. we will pick you up in the airport or train station and arrange your following schedule in our city to bring you a nice journey during this visit.

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