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Automatic Face mask cartoning Machine

Automatic face mask cartoning machine, it is designed for the big box cartoning for multi pieces face mask, such as 10pcs,30 pcs,50 pcs or more.
Working process: Face mask stacking(either connected with the face mask making machine or stacking by hand)--box opening--face mask pushing into the box--bathc No embossing(optional)--tuck in box closing or glue sealing--final cartoned box output
It also can be applied to the cartoning of some other products in big box, such as tissue, facial mask bags etc


1. Application

OPH-100 is applicable to carton face mask, tissue into box automatically, It is specially designed for big box cartoning. The box size and face mask quantity can be adjusted on the machine.


2. Features

1) The machine can feed face mask, open cartons, carton material, print batch number (option), spray glue and close cartons automatically. It also features compact and reasonable structure and simple operation and adjustment;

2) Servo or stepping motor, touch screen and PLC are adopted by this machine. HMI display makes the machine to be operated simply, conveniently, automatically and human-friendly;

3) Automatic material sorting and conveying structure can be integrated into an automatic production line to save labor cost;

4) Automatic photoelectric eye detecting and tracking system ensures that no carton will be fed when there is no material to save more packing material;

5) The machine can be adjusted conveniently for wider packing size and all specifications can be adjusted quickly;

6) Molds can be adjusted, instead of being changed, for the change of product specification;

7) The face mask cartoner can stop automatically when products are not cartoned as set and it adopts main driving motor overload protection device for safe and reliable running;

8) The machine can be customized with a flip protection cover which is featured of simple operation and beautiful appearance.


3.Technical parameters

    Model OPH-100B
    Paper weight 300-400g/m3
    Max. cartoning dimension 240mm*120mm*100mm (L*W*H)
    Cartoning speed 65-80 cartons/min
    Power of hot melt machine 2.32KW
    Motor power 2.74KW
    Total power 5.1KW
    Power supply 3phase and 4wire, 380V 50Hz
    Machine noise ≤80dB
    Air source 0.5-0.8 Mpa
    Air consumption 120-160L/min
    Overall dimensions Main machine 4000*660*1200mm (L*W*H)
    Conveying structure
    Machine weight 1500Kg


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