Singapore- Capsule and Tablet Counting Machine

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 A new YL-4 counting machine is shipped to Singapore, it is not a big machine but it will help customer a lot who is at the beginning stage of pharmaceutical or supplement product production.

YL-4 counting machine, it is suitable for the counting  of following products

capsule and tablet counting machine

1. hard capsule size at 5#-000#

2.soft gelatin capsule in various shapes, such as fish shape, oval, oblong etc

3. tablet in  various shape and sizes, is also can be applied to count other products in regular shape, such as round pills, buttons ,

5. candy,including triangle shape and soft candy etc.

The machine speed can be adjusted by inverter, the counting numbers will be set on the machine . After filling, the products will be filled into the container which are placed by hand under the discharge mouth.

If you are a small scale company, and don't want to spend too much time on counting manually, this machine will be a right choice for you.

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