How to install dies and feeder for rotary tablet press machine

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The tablet press can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The compacted powder can be pressed into tablets of various shapes, such as round, ring, or other shaped tablets.


According to industry insiders, the rotary tablet press machine is easy to operate, and the user can carry out mass production after debugging. The large rotary tablet press machine can produce 30,000-40,000 tablets per hour, while the small rotary tablet press machine has three specifications of XYP-5, XYP-7 and XYP-9, respectively 5, 7, 9 set dies, the production capacity is generally 9,000-15,000 tablets / hour.


Compared with large rotary tablet press, the small rotary tablet press machine has the advantages of simple shape, light weight, small size and small covering area. The tablet thickness, the pressure and the speed of turret can be adjusted according to the requirements of the customer. Currently, it is widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals and food.


In the process of using the rotary tablet press machine, how to correctly install the die of the rotary tablet press is what many users need to know. The technicians of the tablet press manufacturer introduced that the hopper, powder feeder, feeder frame and other parts should be removed from the rotary tablet press before installing the dies. And the turret working table, die holes and installed dies should be wiped clean one by one. Make preparation and follow the steps below to install.


When installing the matrix, the matrix screw on the turret should be tightened. Do not insert the matrix to contact with the head of the screw. The matrix is tightened and put flat. Use hitting rod (random tool) to penetrate through the upper die hole and hammer is gently driven in, and the matrix enters the die. The plane should not be higher than the turret plane, and then tighten the screws.


When installing the upper die, lift the tongue plate on the notch of the upper guide track, apply some vegetable oil to the tail of matrix, then insert the dies into the holes one by one, rotate the punching die with the thumb and forefinger to check that whether the die head enters the matrix and can move up and down and rotate flexibly. It can be qualified when there is no hard rubbing. After all the upper dies are installed, the tongue plates should be pulled down.


When installing the lower die, pull the small door on the main body and install it through the round hole of the main body. The installing method is the same as the upper die. After installation, the disc cover must be covered flat.


After all the dies have been installed, the removed parts need to be installed in the original position. Turn the test hand wheel to rotate the turret for 1-2 turns. Observe the upper and lower dies getting into the matrix hole and moving on the curve guide track. It must be flexible, collision-free and without hard rubbing. Start the motor, make empty running for 2-3 minutes, if it can run smoothly and normally then it can go into production.


When installing the feeder, install the feeder on the feeder support frame, then screw the knurled screw, and then adjust the adjustment screw. Make the gap between the bottom surface of the feeder and the table surface of the turret to be 0.05-0.1 mm, and tighten the knurled screw. Then adjust the height of the scraper and make the bottom plane even with the working surface of the turret. Tighten the screws.


In addition to the correct installation of rotary press, filling volume, tablet thickness (pressure), powder volume and other aspects of adjustment, as well as speed selection are strict. Users must make correct installation and good preparation before using rotary tablet press machine, and run the equipment according to the specification, so as to ensure the quality of production.


In addition, the lubrication of the friction surface of the machine parts is the guarantee for the normal operation and prolonging the service life of the tablet press machine. If the main moving parts run dry in the absence of oil, it is easy to damage the equipment and the production cannot continue. Therefore, before use the tablet press, the oil cup, the oil hole and the friction surface must be lubricated, and operate idling to make the friction surfaces full of oil film, then the machine can be put into use.


At the same time, the rotary tablet press should be refueled on time, and pay attention to the cleaning work after use to ensure the stability of the next operation.


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