Non-electrolytic Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant

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Non-electrolytic hypochlorous acid disinfectant is weakly acid, whose PH value is within 5.5.-6.5. It contains 50ppm-200ppm chlorine and obtains high oxidation-reduction potential (strong oxidability). Hypochlorous acid origins from immune agents of human body. As a disinfectant agent generated through catalysis of peroxidase, hypochlorous acid has been working since immune system of mammal operated. It is non-toxic and reduced to water without any residue after functioning.


Disinfectant mechanism:

Hypochlorous acid quickly damages cell membrane, protein and nucleic acid which are necessary to living of bacteria. Hypochlorous acid not only kills germs, but also breaks down bacterial toxin absolutely. It is medical- and food-grade disinfectant highly accepted internationally. Its disinfecting effect is 80 times stronger than that of 84 disinfectant. It can basically used in all life zones, particularly including wound, oral cavity, food and human body.


Ingredient content:

It is produced through electrolysis of slight amount of pure salt and other raw materials in water.

Main content

Hypochlorous acid

Effective chlorine concentration




Oxidation-reduction potential




Weakly acid; transparent liquid, slightly astringent, gentle and non-irritating



It can disinfect pyogenic cocci, intestinal bacteria, airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses quickly in lab experiments, with disinfection rate being higher than 99.99%. Besides, it can decompose methanol and other harmful matters in high efficiency.



Hypochlorous acid, with effective chlorine content of 45-60mg/L



Washable mask, skin care (itch, allergy, scratch, mosquito bite, etc.), mouth cleansing (foreign smell, ulcer, gingivitis, etc.), removing body odour, disinfection to belongings and cleaning air.


Use method:

Spraying, scrubbing or gargling for 1-3 minutes, without cleaning or drying.



No light, room temperature and being airtight


Production date:

On the bottom


Shelf life:

180 days


Other applications:

School, hospital, home, public health, infants and kids, transport, environment, livestock, pet, mask, and oral...


How to fill and pack Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant

Depend on the filling volume,we will use different types of machine to fill and pack them:

1. Small volume

We can use the plastic ampoule forming filling and sealing machine, which can do various kinds of bottle shapes and the filling volume can be adjusted.It is also called mono dose package.

small volume package of Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant

2. For bigger volume

we will use the bottle filling and capping machine,which will feed the round bottle automatically from bottle scrambler, and fill the liquid into bottle, insert the spaying pump and do the capping by pressing or screwing automatically.

big package for Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant

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