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Hand sanitizer gel/jam/toothpaste/cream tube filling and sealing machine

This is a high speed soft tube filler including product filling and sealing automatically. Now it is a hot product to fill the hand sanitiser gel into tube under the special situation for COVID virus. The main feature of the machine is as following:
1. Both plastic tube and aluminum metal tube can be used
2. the filling volume can be adjusted
3. stable and high speed at around 70-80 pcs per min

It can also be applied in various fields, such as for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food, For example, different kinds of jam, sauce, ketchup, cosmetic cream and lotion, gel, and also ointment.
The working process is as following:
Automatic tube feeding--product feeding and filling--heat sealing--batch No printing or embossing--final tube output .
  • ZHF-80Z


  • 8422303090

metal tube filling sealing machine

metal tube filling sealing machine details

Product Description

Automatic Metal Tube Filling Sealing Machine is used for cosmetics industry, light industry (daily-use chemical industry), pharmaceutical industry, food industry and other industries. The machine is suitable for products which choose tubes as packaging containers. The equipment fills such materials as ointments, creams, gels or fluids with high viscosity into the tube, then folds and seals the tail of the tube, and prints the word code on the tube to produce the finished product. 


1.The host adopts frequency conversion.

2.The metal tube filling sealing machine can complete two-folding, three-folding and saddle-shaped folding by different adjusting methods.

3.The sealing of the manipulator is flexible and stable. The filling and sealing device adopt an open design, which is easy to clean and maintain.

4.The machine adopts German photoelectric identification device to carry out color mark positioning, and the high-precision drivers and stepper motors are equipped (the servo motor need to be configured for high eye-marking requirements), to ensure that the patterns and words are in the right position.

5.The filling process takes place in stages, during which the filling nozzle injecting into the tube moves from bottom to top. After completing the filling and sealing, the material of the tube won’t leak or overflow. The machine is used for filling a variety of materials with different physical and chemical properties. The hand wheel for fine-tuning the filling volume is placed outside the machine body, and it is easy to adjust and tighten ,which ensures that the filling accuracy is less than or equal to± 0.5 %, and that cost-saving and accurate measurement are achieved truly.

6.The internal stirring device of the material barrel adopts an underlying stirring device with large power, which is safe, reliable and has a wide range of application. The insulation system of material barrel is made of a controllable water temperature device, a sandwich hopper with weld joint and other devices. (Option)

7.The terminal compressed air device adopts multi-stage filtration (an oil-gas filtration device is used to ensure that the compressed air is clean and pollution-free).

8.The lubrication system develops a unified oil supply standard to ensure effective lubrication of the equipment and to prevent contamination of the working environment.

Technical Parameters

Production capacity 30~80 bottles/min
Filling volume 2~200ml
Filling accuracy ≦±0.5﹪
Tube diameter  10-35 mm
Tube length 50-200 mm
Filling accuracy ≤±0.5%
Main motor power 1.5KW
Working air pressure 0.6PMa
Overall dimension 2270*960*2100(mm)
Weight 1200 Kg
Sample Display

metal tube filling sealing machine sample

Company Information

                                                                           ABOUT US


Hunan Grand Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in the pharmaceutical and packing machinery for more than 10 years, such as plastic ampoule forming filling and sealing machine, capsule filling machine, blister packing machine, strip packaging machine, cartoning machine etc. We have provided services and machines to many different countries and regions in the whole world, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Korea,the Middle East area, Poland, Belgium, France, UK, Greece, Italy, Turkey, USA, central and south America such as Trinidad and Tobago,Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, UZ, Tunisia, Algeria, Morroco etc. And we always gain the good reputation from customer both from the machine quality and after sales service.

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Our Service                                                                                       

1.We will dispatch engineers to your site for machine installation and commissioning, and also do the training for your technicians.

2.We makes guarantee of the machine for 12 (twelve) months. During this Warranty period, the seller will provide free spare parts that cause by the machine’s quality within 10 days by fast courier upon receipt of buyer’s notice.(we will also provide one set of spare parts /wear &tear parts to customer along with the shipment of the machine. 
3.We warmly welcome the suggestions from customer to make us grow better and produce better machine along with providing better service to customer, and create more value for customer.
4.Before placing the order or before shipping, welcome to our factory to take a visit to inspect our machine. we will pick you up in the airport or train station and arrange your following schedule in our city to bring you a nice journey during this visit. 

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