What Is Industrial Chiller?

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When a liquid filling and sealing machine, a blister packing machine or a tube filling and sealing machine works, another smaller equipment also runs to facilitate the production. That’s industrial chiller, an auxiliary equipment to cool these machines since they have heating parts and always radiate heat.


The function of water chiller

Take liquid filling and sealing machine as an example. During its production, packing material is heated for plastic bottle forming and sealing. It should be noted that different material has its own proper heating temperature. Low temperature leads to bad forming and sealing effect, while high temperature might cause material melting and even content spoiling. In this case, a cooling system is needed to balance the temperature and make it within the acceptable range of bottle forming and sealing. An industrial chiller just plays this role.

The industrial chiller runs in the principle of vapor compression refrigeration. Specifically, the chiller adopts a compressor. As it is powered on, the compressor inhales gaseous refrigerant of low temperature and low pressure in evaporator, compresses it to that of high temperature and high pressure and then transfers the high-temperature and -pressure gaseous refrigerant to condenser. The gaseous refrigerant in the condenser then dissipates heat to the outer and it is turned into liquid. The liquid flows path a throttle valve and reduces its temperature and pressure. The low-temperature and -pressure liquid refrigerant flows into the evaporate and absorbs heat by evaporation. At last, the fluid is turned into low-temperature and -pressure gas, which can be inhaled by the compressor again. As the industrial chiller runs in this flow, the mould temperature of the main machines can be well controlled.


Advantage of chiller

The industrial chillers we use are also leading products among a series of similar products on the market. They have following features:

1) PLC, with multifunctional misoperation preventing system, can control the chiller to run automatically.

2) Electrical components are all purchased from Schneider for stable running and long service life;

3) Built-in titanium tube water tank evaporator can avoid solids and other metal impurities  deposit during pure water delivery;

4) Diverse models of industrial chillers can match different sealing machines. Precise digital temperature controller is equipped to control water temperature with a tolerance of ±1°C (±0.1°C). It can be controlled with buttons even there is no professional personnel;

5) Industrial chiller can be installed conveniently and simply. Regardless of height difference between it and the main machine, the chiller can still run normally;

6) High-efficiency heat exchanger of the chiller is specially designed and the chiller adopts static spraying casing for compact structure.

Liquid filling and sealing machine, blister packing machine, and tube filling and sealing machine, they are never the machines acting alone. The overall production efficiency can be improved by linking them with other upstream or downstream machines. Their individual production efficiency can also be improved by industrial chiller and other auxiliary devices.Normally for such individual machine, only 1P chiller is enough.

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