What is Capsule Polishing Machine

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Capsule polishing and sorting machine is a special equipment for capsule polishing. They can dedust the capsules and improve their smoothness.

1. Features

The machines are mainly featured by novel structure, simple operation, convenient cleaning and high efficiency. All parts contacting drugs are made of stainless steel, which is GMP compliant.

Vacuum cleaner can also be equipped for the polishing machines. Therefore, the machines can also reject empty capsules and capsule fragments. As no other vacuum devices are equipped, no pollution will be caused.

2. Components of capsule polishing machine

The machines are composed of hopper, polishing tube, sealing tube, brush, coupling, bearing seat, motor, electric distributor, rejecting device, discharging port and frame, etc..

3. Working principle of capsule polishing and sorter

The brush rotates and capsules move circumferentially and spirally along the polishing tube wall. As the capsules move forward, the friction between capsules and brush and polishing tube wall make the capsules to be polished. The polished capsules are then conveyed to the rejecting device, in which the unqualified capsules of light weight are sucked into the cleaner while capsules with qualified weight fall and are discharged through the moveable discharging port. The dust powder and fragments are also sucked into the sealing tube through the small holes on the polishing tube and then be collected by the vacuum cleaner.

4. How to operate the automatic polishing and sorting machine

1) A suction pipe of the industrial vacuum cleaner connects with the bottom of the sealing tube and the other pipe with the top of the rejecting device.

2) Power on the polishing machine and adjust its rotating speed. Test the machine with few capsules with capsule fragments and control the negative-pressure of the rejecting device. It’s just suitable to clear all the capsule fragment while qualified capsules remain. High negative pressure will lead to suction-away of qualified capsules while low pressure cannot play the part in rejecting. The negative pressure can be regulated on the control panel of the industrial vacuum cleaner and the rejection can be observed through the observing panel of the rejecting device. The negative pressure for powder cleaning is also regulated on the control panel of the vacuum cleaner.

3) After the above preparations, turn on the machine for production.

4) Clean the polishing machine and dust cleaner after every shift. If necessary, the dust cleaner can also be cleaned during production.

5. Adjustment of polishing machine for capsule

1) Adjustment to the rotating speed of the polishing machine: controlled by an electronic regulator. The rotating speed can be properly low for fragile capsules, as well as for tablets.

2) Adjustment to the inclination of the polishing tube: controlled by the rear support plate. Large inclination means good polishing effect while small inclination means high production efficiency.

3) Adjustment to the vacuum cleaner: industrial vacuum cleaner has two sets of dust sucking devices. The negative pressure can be controlled by the control panel depending on the production needs.

6. Types of polishing capsule machine

The capsule polishing machine is divided into horizontal type capsule polisher and sorter, also the new type vertical capsule polishing and sorting machine. Please check the pictures below, later we will discuss for the difference of the vertical and horizontal capsule polishing and sorting machine.

Horizontal capsule polishing and sorting machine

Horizontal capsule polishing and sorting machine

Vertical capsule polishing and sorting machine

Vertical capsule polishing and sorting machine

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