In 2025, the market value of capsule filling machines will reach a new high level!

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Capsule filling machine is an equipment integrating machine, electricity and gas. It uses microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel and frequency conversion speed regulation. And electronic automatic counting device is equipped. The market for capsule filling machines is also expanding with the expansion of the pharmaceutical market. 

Statistics show the global capsule filling machine market value is 379.37 million US dollars in 2017, and is expected to reach 440.43 million US dollars by 2025.Capsule filling machines are an important device in the pharmaceutical industry.  Pharmaceutical capsule filling machines accounted for more than 97% of the total in 2017 by reported.

capsule filling machine

I understand that, the movement of the capsule relies on the indexing box for intermittent, discontinuous, and revolving motion in the filling process of the capsule filling machine. Specifically, the empty capsule will be in the capsule hopper, the main board moves up and down, the capsule enters the capsule guide groove by its own gravity, and then the vertical plug of the horizontal fork makes the capsule cap face upward, and the capsule body faces down to go into the upper and lower modules. And the capsule and the cap are separated under the action of vacuum suction, and then enter the powder filling station.


The filling station mainly controls the filling weight of the contents of the capsule. It is an important link. The main problem is the instability of the weight of the filling contents. According to experts, the main reasons for this problem are as follows.


First, the alignment between the metering disc and the lower module is not good. The poor alignment here causes the medicine not to fall into the capsule completely during filling, and some finished capsules is always underweight.


Secondly, the gap between the dividing block and the metering disc on the metering disc is too large. The function of the dividing block is to isolate the tamped medicine from other medicines in the powder holding ring when the medicine in the metering tray is transferred to the filling station in order to fill up then.


Thirdly, the height of the powder on the metering disc also has a certain influence on the filling quality. The height of the powder is controlled by the spiral feeding rod driven by the sensor inside the powder placed ring to control under it. Powder is continuously added to maintain a constant powder height in the powder placed ring.


There are many precautions when cleaning a capsule filling machine online. Because the capsule filling machine is prone to dust leakage when the equipment is cleaned after production, online cleaning is one of the main measures to ensure closed production.


capsule filling machine details

"It is only necessary to seal the individual dust removal pipe mouths and transfer the remaining powder and capsule shells to open the online cleaning function of the equipment." introduced by capsule equipment manufacturers.


Most of the interior of the equipment is cleaned online by a cleaning nozzle installed inside the production operation area, and the rinsewater is discharged through an exclusive drain outlet on the working table.


Water gun can also be installed inside the operation area. The hand-held water gun can be used to wash the hard-to-clean parts and minimize the residue of dust.


It needs to be reminded that after the capsule filling machine is cleaned, the capsule polishing machine, the metal detector and the connecting pipe are also cleaned and wetted online, and the rinsewater will be discharged into a special pipe.


The closed material split butterfly valve uses a special cleaning cup. The connecting pipe can invade the inside of the valve. All cleaning operations may be not thorough. So, until cleaning standard is reached, manual cleaning is needed.


The capsule filling machine has accurate filling dosage, novel structure, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. It can automatically complete the action of positioning, separation, filling and locking of the capsule, so that it can reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency and meet pharmaceutical hygiene requirements. It is suitable for filling various domestic or imported capsules.


According to the type, the capsule filling machine can be divided into manual capsule filling machine, semi-automatic capsule filling machine and fully automatic capsule filling machine. At present, the automatic capsule filling machine has a large market share, and it has a share of 64.49% in 2017, and will go further in the future.

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