Mono dose perfume package test

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Last week, our engineers spent almost four days in the factory to debug a mono dose perfume liquid filling and sealing machine and the samples produced on this machine. This machine is used to pack mono dose single use perfume. For this machine test, the customer specially delivered us 30-kilogram perfume for the test.


Our engineers did some preparation for the machine debugging on Wednesday firstly, including checking working of the preheating station, seal heating station and servo motor and testing and recording their real-time temperature. On the next two days, our engineers debugged the machine overall. The whole debugging procedure was also monitored by our customer through a video call. The debugging was carried out in three groups. The filling volume of the end product of the test should be kept within 4.3-4.53g. Besides, the machine is equipped with a suction cup at the discharging station. The suction cup can suck the discharged products and stack them in order, which makes the secondary packaging more convenient and easier.

 Mono dose perfume package qualified filling volume

(qualified filling volume)


After days of debugging and testing, we got 600 end products, or samples, 200 pieces in each group. The weight of all of these samples were measured and recorded. Besides, 15 empty plastic bottles were sampled and weighed. Their average weight was 2.06g. The pass rate of filled bottles was 98%. About 10 pieces of products were weighed from 4.27g to 4.299g. After analysis and recording, all of these samples will be delivered to the customer.


Weight recording

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