Is 75% Alcohol Disinfection Wipes useful

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It is known that virus can be spread through droplets or contact. Some of our previous passages have shown you how to prevent viruses spreading through droplets by wearing masks and goggles. However, what can we do to virus spread though contact?


On Feb. 3th, 2020, Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention found nucleic acid of COVID-19 on the door handle in a confirmed patient’s home.


To avoid such indirect virus spreading, disinfection might be the most effective prevention measure. Particularly, 75% alcohol can effectively inactivate virus. However, why the concentration of alcohol must be 75%?


On the one hand, alcohol of high concentration will form protective film on virus surface. The film can prevent alcohol from entering viruses and killing them; on the other hand, low-concentration alcohol, although can enter virus, cannot even solidify viruses’ protein. After experiment, it is found that 75% is the concentration of the best efficiency.

Alcohol Disinfection Wipes

In this case, 75% alcohol disinfection wipes can help us to inactivate COVID-19, as well as other bacteria. Those wipes are portable and can effectively prevent virus from contact spreading. Besides, they can restrain many other kinds of bacteria, including E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans... After we touch elevator buttons, door handles, or armrests, we can sanitize our hands with these disinfection wipes. They can remove those bacteria or viruses which cannot be inactivated by common wipes.


Except 75% alcohol mentioned above, some high-quality disinfection wipes will apply RO pure water which is filtered for many times. The RO pure water is commonly used as medical water for dialysis or as special water in lab or electronic chemical industry. The water is very clean and can be drunken directly. With RO pure water, disinfection wipes can have better disinfection effect.


In addition, wipe cloth material is also very important. High-quality spunlace nonwoven is thick and dense. It doesn’t pill and is skin-friendly.


Besides, some wipes contain no essence, colorant and fluorescent agent. They can be used by kids comfortably.


Package can also play a role in wipes’ portability. A window punched at the top surface of package sachet enables wipe to be pulled out easily. The window is sealed by a flipping cover. After usage, the sachet can be covered again to avoid outside contamination or water evaporation.


All in all, 75% alcohol disinfection wipes can be used to disinfect and sanitize hands, goods, car or home appliances to prevent virus from spreading at the source.


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