What is safety capsules?

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Different from common hard capsule, safety capsules have short-enable capsule body. After shortening of capsule body and cap, the capsule can hardly be opened again so that drugs or contents insides will not be replaced. More particular advantages of safety capsules are as follows:

1) Capsule shell can be customized for any color or character embossing.

2) No preservative or additive is used for safety capsule production.

3) Safety capsules are of wide bore for filling tablets of large diameter or special shape.

4) Safety capsules are commonly short for easy swallowing.

5) All capsules have excellent quality because they are produced in strict accordance to GMP standards.

safety capsules

What is the advantage of safety capsule?

As we know, the formula of medicine is the key point. It will decide and influence the final effect of the medicine. Therefore, some illegal workshop, they will buy the medicine ,separate the capsule and take out the medicine. Then they will mix the medicine with some other ingredients. The safety capsule ,after the cap and body is closed, it is very difficult to open again, so , this will prevent the medicine to be replaced greatly.

How to fill medicine into safety capsule?

How can we fill the medicine into the safety capsule, please refer to the safety capsule filling video here:

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