What is Chinese 84 Disinfectant

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In 1984, Beijing First Infectious Disease Hospital, now Beijing Ditan Hospital Capital Medical University, invented a kind of disinfectant. The disinfectant can sterilize all kinds of hepatitis virus quickly. It was named after “84 hepatitis decontamination liquid” and now it has another name: 84 disinfectant ( also called 84 aerosol)

What does 84 disinfectant contain?

84 disinfectant mainly contains sodium hypochlorite (NaClO). Containing 5.5-6.5% chlorine, it is a kind of high-efficiency disinfecting preparation. It looks colorless or light yellow and smells irritant. It can bleach and is corrosive, volatile, not flammable and allergenic.


1. Dilution

Stock solution of the disinfectant cannot be used directly but diluted to the disinfectant of proper concentration for practical usage according to the leaflet. It’s false that higher-concentration disinfectant have better effect. In fact, disinfectant in high concentration cannot play a role in effective disinfection and will even cause environment pollution. Normally, 6ml stock solution can be diluted to 1.2-3.0 L diluted solution.


Besides, the solution should be diluted exactly before using and it is single-use. The diluted solution should be used up within 24 hours. Besides, stock solution cannot be diluted with hot water. On the one hand, hot water can stimulate chloride volatilizing and influence disinfection effect. On the other hand, chloride content in the air will rise, which might cause user’s being poisoned.


2. Protection

84 disinfectant is highly effective. If stained with 84 disinfectant, we will feel burning. Therefore, do wear gloves before usage. And it is better to wear face mask since disinfectant is volatile. We, if inhale disinfectant for a longer time, will have weaker immunity. Therefore, after using, open windows and keep the room airy.


Chloride is some gas which irritates and damages the respiratory tract. Being inhaled too much, chloride will lead to cough, breathing difficulties and even dizziness. When its concentration reaches 3000mg/m3, , chloride can be lethal. Open windows and air the room. objects being disinfected with 84 disinfectant should also be rinsed or wiped with clean water to remove chloride.


3. Disinfection

The three factors for effective disinfection are disinfecting method, disinfectant concentration and effect time. All of them are essential.


In fact, when it comes to any chemical disinfectant, the notion of concentration and time should deeply carves into our mind. 84 disinfectant is of high concentration and can be used only after dilution according to the following instruction.




Concentration (mg/L)

Dilution ratio (stock solution/water)

Effect time (min)

Using method

Common objects




Wipe clean object surface and immerse, rinse and disinfect objects with the diluted solution.

Object surface




Wipe the unclean object surface and immerse, rinse, wet and disinfect the object with the diluted solution.





Immerse the fabric in the diluted solution and then rinse it with clean water to remove the disinfectant.

Blood or mucus




Immerse and disinfect all objects which are contaminated by all kinds of infectious disease pathogen.





Mix one portion of disinfectant with two portions of excrement, stir them and let stand for more than 120min.


Disinfecting way

1) Immersing: immersing the objects into chloride disinfectant in a container and cover it. Immersing objects contaminated by bacterial propagule in the disinfectant whose chloride content is 500mg/L for more than 10 minutes; immersing objects contaminated by pathogen spreading through blood, mycobacterium and bacterial spores in disinfectant whose chlorid content is 2000-5000mg/L for more than half hour.


2) Wiping: large objects or those objects that cannot be soaked can be wiped with the diluted disinfectant. The concentration and time for disinfection are the same with that of immersing. We can use special rag to wipe the floor or the table with the disinfectant. At least 15 minutes later can then we remove disinfectant with clean water.


3) Spraying: we can spray disinfectant containing 400-700mg chloride per liter on common objects and let it work for 10-30 minutes. After spraying, the disinfectant will generate pungent smell. To avoid breathing in the toxic air, we should leave the room, open windows and keep the room airy.


4. Notice

Do not mix 84 disinfectant with other detergents or disinfectants (such as toilet cleaner or bleach). Otherwise, the chloride concentration in the air will highly increase, which will lead to user’s being poisoned by chlorine. And do not disinfectant vegetable, fruit, wounds, hair, hemp, nylon, leather and silk fabric with 84 disinfectant. Finally, do not dilute stock solution of 84 disinfectant with hot water whose temperature is higher than 40°C.


1) Dilute the solution right before using and don’t dilute it with hot water;

2) Take protection measures, wear face mask and gloves and rinse immediately for any spatter on skin;

3) After disinfecting and air the room for no chloride residue;

4) Don’t mix 84 disinfectant with other solution such as toilet cleaner.


84 disinfectant is a little bit corrosive, so when we fill and pack the 84 disinfectant in factory, we need to use the automatic 84 disinfectant bottle filling and capping machine.If you need this machine, please contact us for more.


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