What are the Benefits of Olive Oil?

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Olive oil is the common edible vegetable oil on our dining table and considered as the most suitable oil for human nutrition supply among all oils. It can have many functions, such as improving our looks and preventing cancer. But do you know other benefits of olive oil?

 oil olive

1. Facilitating infants’ growth and development

Olive oil is suitable for infants. It contains linolenic acid and linoleic acid in similar proportion to that in breast milk. These two acids cannot be synthesized by human body but can be absorbed easily. They can facilitate growth and development of children's nervous system, bones and brain.


2. Benefiting heart health

Among all vegetable oil, olive oil is the most beneficial to the heart. It’s different to other vegetable oil in that it only decreases the amount of harmful cholesterol but increases the amount of good cholesterol. Besides, olive oil can prevent artery from atherosclerosis, adjust blood lipid content, decrease blood pressure and viscosity, prevent thrombus from forming, protect the heart from coronary heart disease and reduce the emergence of cardiovascular disease.


In addition, olive oil is high in Squalene and fatty acid. The former has an affinity to our skin and the latter is necessary for our body. They can be absorbed quickly and keep our skin soft and supple. Furthermore, the antioxidant of olive oil can eliminate free radicals, keep our organs well and prevent aging. Last but not least, olive oil can eliminate facial wrinkles, care skin and hair and prevent chapping of hands and feet.

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3. Helping digestion and promoting metabolism

Olive oil is rich in nutrients and our body absorbs these nutrients in high efficiency. Particularly, olive oil can reduce gastric acid content, prevent gastritis and duodenal ulcer. Besides, it can moisten intestines and relieve constipation after chronic consumption. Olive oil is also high in single unsaturated fatty acid and ω-3 fatty acid. Being digested in our body, they can promote our metabolism and lower the rate of obesity and diabetes.

What is the most popular package for mono dose olive oil?

If we go to the super market, what mono dose package for olive oil around 10ml and 14ml you can find? Yes, it is mono dose blister package and mono dose plastic bottle as shown below. They are produced on the olive oil blister packing machine and olive oil plastic ampoule forming filling sealing machine.



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