The 61st China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition

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Today is the opening day for the 61st China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM) in Chengdu, the capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan Province. Thousands of enterprises and factories from China, India, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, USA, Korea, Brazil and other countries and areas gather in the exposition to show their products, visit other booths, exchange experience with peers and attract downstream buyers.

Pharma exhibition for 15 filling heads machine

We also bring our GGS-240P15 to the expo. GGS series liquid filling and sealing machines are normally used for liquid packaging. Its forming station, filling station, heat sealing station, punching station and discharging station can work synchronously and coordinately for high production efficiency. At first, the packing film is heated and blown to bottles of specified shape. Then the liquid material is filled at the filling station. At this station, the machine is equipped with 15 filling heads. The pump for liquid dosing can also be customized depending on the liquid properties (such as viscosity, corrosion, foaming and so on). After filling, sealing, punching and discharging go on. For multi-dose products, a perforating station is also equipped.

Now, this giant machine is on our booth for exposition. We are looking forward to your visit and communication with you. But please be noted to wear your face masks and protect yourself carefully from the virus.

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