Poland - delivery for Automatic alcohol pad tissue Packing Machine

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Since the ferocity of COVID-19, many enterprises turned their attention to hygiene products, such as disinfectant wipes, alcohol pad and so on. Lately, our automatic alcohol pad wet tissue packing machine become hot products and one machine is being shipped to Poland now. After their acceptance, our Polish clients will use this machine to pack alcohol pads. At the same time, we are also proud of this cooperation since it’s the fifth time for our old friends to buy machines from us. We started the cooperation for the alcohol pad packing machine since 2010.

Automatic alcohol pad tissue Packing Machine 


One obvious feature of this automatic alcohol pad tissue Packing Machine is its wide application. It can pack wipes, alcohol pads, cotton wipes and so on. Our Polish clients use it to pack alcohol pads and others might seek it to pack disinfectant wipes. Another feature is the machine’s highly stable performance, which enables it to pack products in four-side sealed sachets.


Besides, the automatic alcohol pad tissue Packing Machine works to fold non-woven, fold packing film, make sachets, feed non-woven into semi-finished sachets, fill liquid, heat seal and punch orderly. Clients all have high requirements on production, so many measures are taken to ensure the good quality of final products. For example, during folding, packing film is detected by photoelectric sensor and can be registered for no blank edge and less waste. Secondly, advanced measuring pump is equipped, which can fill alcohol into sachets accurately. Its filling error is even less than 0.01ml/time. Next, sachets are sealed for two times. Therefore, it’s difficult for liquid to leak. All in all, our automatic wipe packing machine is one of the most advanced wipe packing machine around the world.


For another thing, just as it is mentioned above, our machine has wide application to pack many kinds of products. But how can? Actually, with servo motor, PLC and HMI, it is convenient for operators to adjust some parameters of the machine, including sachet length, liquid filling volume, heat sealing temperature, etc.. By changing these parameters, we can get the following products:


Automatic alcohol pad tissue Packing Machine sample 


In the above picture, we can find lens care/wipe, intimate wipes, wet towel, baby wipes, cleansing wipes... All of them are made on our wet tissue packing machine, now our machine is updated that we can adjust the tissue and sachet sizes on the machine,no need to change mould, this is a great improvement and brings huge convenience for customer.

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