Latest package for mono dose perfume

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Latest package for mono dose perfume 

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents. It can give human body, animals, food, objects and living-spaces agreeable scent. Generally, our perfume is packed in exquisite bottles. When we use it, the special spraying device of bottles can atomize perfume liquid and those droplets are thus sprayed.

However, have you seen some packages of perfume like this:

Automatic-Blister-Packing-Machine sample

This blisters can be made by liquid forming filling sealing machine or blister packing machine to pack perfume liquid. The perfume shown in the sample picture is usually used in car, wardrobe, restroom, office... During use, the top film should be tear first. Afterwards, you should do nothing else but put the blister to the place where it should be and the liquid inside blister can give out wonderful scent gradually.

These perfume blisters are of wide application, but how can they be made or produced?

From structural point of view, these blisters consist of three layers. The bottom layer is the blister we can find in the picture. Blisters are firstly heat formed by the blister forming device on both two machines. They are made of some plastic films, particularly composite film of PVC, PE or PET. Another layer that can be found is the alu foil, the top layer. This layer is heat sealed with blisters. However, there is a layer between the above two layers, i.e., dialysis layer. It is made up of dialysis film. When the blister is opened, effective perfume molecules can volatilize to air and therefore give out comfortable scents.

Since these two machines can both pack liquid in blisters, what’s the difference between them?

One the one hand, liquid filling machine seals before fills. After they are blown, blisters are first conveyed vertically to the sealing station and sealed with dialysis film and alu foil for three side, while the top side is left to not be sealed. Then they are conveyed to the filling station, where filling head will insert into the blister and fill perfume liquid. At last, the top side is sealed and blisters are cut and punched as required. In this manner, since the air contacting area of blisters is pretty small, filled liquid will hardly splash out during conveying, which is apparent difference between liquid filling machine and blister packing machine.

As we all know, blisters made by blister packing machine are flat and shallow. Therefore, during conveying, liquid inside is easy to splash out, especially when blister conveying is stopped for heat seal.

On the other hand, clients pay close attention not only to end product quality, but also the price of a machine. Compared with liquid filling sealing machine, blister machine is cheaper and maybe more cost-effective in some cases.

For those who want a new machine to pack perfume liquid in blisters, both liquid filling sealing machine and blister packing machine can be their choices. However, if they have high requirements on filling accuracy, liquid filling sealing machine is better. In contrast, blister packing machine is better for those who seeks for good quality and low price.

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