How to produce wet wipes alcohol pad

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Wet wipes are preferred in our daily life for their convenience and hygiene. But do you know how wet wipes are produced? The following are the detailed steps for wet wipe production:


1) Design the package patterns;

2) Determine package design and plate;

3) Outsource non-fabric, cover, roll film and cartons. The primary influential factor for wet wipe production is non-fabric. Spunlace non-woven is mostly made from fiber and viscose in certain proportion. Fiber can disinfect and sterilize while viscose increases quality of wet wipes. Non-woven of more viscose has higher quality;

4) Print for the package;

5) Test all materials (roll film, non-fabric and cover) and disinfect them;

6) Cut non-fabric to proper size on wet wipe packing machine according to production requirements;

7) As the name shows, wet wipes should be wetted. The water to wet non-woven is filtered through RO film to remove inorganic salt and trace elements so as to extend expiration date of wet wipes. Normally, the water for wet wipe is EDI purified water or RO pure water. RO pure water refers to the pure water produced by the RO reverse osmosis technology. And EDI purified water is defined as the water produced through electrolysis of RO pure water.

8) Formulate the solution of wet wipes for certain smell. Some wet wipes contain alcohol and some not. And some wet wipes can smell fragrant since they contain plant extract. On the other hand, wet wipes containing no additive are preferred by most people. And vitamin E can be added to baby wipe to protect babies’ skin lastingly and prevent babies’ red buttock;

9) Produce product samples before mass production;

10) Mass production;

11) Pack qualified wet wipes on wet wipe packing machine, which can also seal the packages firmly to preserve wet wipes’ good quality;

12) Inspect wet wipes’ seal manually and carton those qualified ones;

13) Inspect end products;

14) Count qualified end products.  

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