How to Choose Liquid Filling Machine?

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When we are seeking a proper liquid filling machine, several points should be kept in our mind.


1. Good production techniques

First of all, the material properties should be considered in order to not disobey the production requirements. Some common liquid properties are viscosity, foamability, volatility and air content. For example, some liquor, smelling very aromatic, should be filled by a metering cup filling machine or normal pressure filling machine to reduce the aromatics’ volatilization. On the other hand, some fruit juice should be filled by a vacuum filling machine to prevent the liquid from being exposed in the air and guarantee the liquid’s quality. Besides, the filling machine’s capacity should correspond to the processing capacity of its upstream and downstream machines.


2. High production rate and product quality

The production rate of a filling machine reflects the production capacity of a line straightly. And high production rate can yield higher economic benefit.

 Filling machine for liquor and beverage

3. Technical range

Technical range of a filling machine also means its production capacity under different production requirements. The wider the technical range is, the higher the machine availability will be, i.e., the same machine can fill different material in variable-specification containers by slight adjustment to the machine parts. To fill liquor, beverage and some other liquid material as much as possible, we can use filling machine of wider technical range.


4. Compliance with hygiene standards

Special hygiene standards are set in liquor and beverage industries. In this case, the parts of the filling machine which contact material directly should be dismantled and cleaned in ease and cannot have any dead corner. Besides, the machine should be enclosed to prevent foreign matters from entering and material from dispersing. Also, it’s better for the parts contacting material to be made of stainless or other nontoxic material.


5. Safe use and convenient maintenance

The filling machine should be operated and controlled conveniently, easily, safely and reliably. And its parts can be dismantled and installed easily. It’s better that the spare parts are standardized. Furthermore, we can try to seek a filling machine with lower price, light weight and small size.


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