How to adjust eye mark tracking on blister packing machine

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Eye marks on the alu foil can be tracked by photoelectric switch after every traction. If there is an eye mark detected as set, the travel scope will remain; but if not, the travel scope can be compensated for precise eye mark tracking.


1. Debugging

1) Adjust molds for blister size control and determine the size on the basis of scope between two eye marks (or referring to the material diagram). The hand wheel can be turned upward to lengthen the blisters or be turned downward to shorten them.

blister packing machine1 


2) After blister adjustment, turn on the tracking switch and align it with an eye mark on the alu foil;

As shown in the following figure, the foil alu will be pulled to the left and the sensor tracks the left side of an eye mark.

blister packing machine2 


Alu foil motion direction


There is a small black button which can be used to adjust the sensitivity of eye mark tracking. The machine pulls alu foil, and the indicator turns red when the eye mark is sensed and it turns green when the eye mark is pulled by. No replacement of red and green indicates that the sensor sensitivity should be turned up.


3) During operation, based on eye mark tracking switch, if the cursor offsets forward, the traction scope is too long and operators can fine-tune the screw inward. Otherwise, operators can fine-tune the screw outward.

blister packing machine3 


4) After adjustment, observe the position of tracking cursor and make sure if compensation is proper. (forward or backward deviation is determined by the compensating cylinder automatically. The cylinder moves down to pull eye mark forward and lengthen the blister or moves up to pull eye mark backward and shorten the blister.)

blister packing machine4 


5) PLC program is debugged in factory.

This adjusting method is actually suitable for the eye mark tracking on other packing machine which in installed with electrical tracking device, along with the blister packing machine mentioned as above.


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