Comment from Algerian Customer for Blister Packing Machine

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In the latest few months, we have always received messages from customers who asked us for after-sale service for blister packing machine, capsule filling machine and some other packing machines. We were all puzzled that we hadn’t sold machines to them. But why did they contact us for after-sale service? Then we found that they once bought machines from other factories or agents and many changes caused their losing contact with their former sellers. They could do nothing but had a try to search other machine suppliers online and at last they found us.

 blister packing

Last month, a customer from Algeria contacted us through Whatsapp and asked if we can provide after-service for a blister packing machine. The machine was bought from his local agent but then he couldn’t get any after-sale service from the agent at all. To help him to solve his problems, our salesperson chatted with him carefully and had a basic understanding to his machine. At the same time, we also taught him how to operate the blister packing machine through the videos we had shot before. After we solve the problem for him, he decided to purchase a lower blister forming mould of the machine. Having received the request, our engineer and technicians also designed and manufactured a new one for him. In the fastest speed have we solved the problem and expressed the mould to the customer.

 blister package

Today we are glad to hear feedback from the Algerian customer and know that our mould cooperates with the machine well and works perfectly. Let’s take a look at the final blister photo with letters engraved provided by customer.

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