Italian Customers Inspecting and Training for Plastic Vial Forming Filling and Sealing Machine

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2019.8.5-8.8. Three of our Italian customers visited our factory for the inspection and training of the plastic vial forming filling and sealing machine.


This machine was specially designed with 3 different pumps installed, namely, peristaltic pump, rotary pump and piston pump. Different pumps are suitable for different materials. Customer can adjust the pump to fill diverse items to meet their demands. Like these customers, they have oil, cream and fertilizer needed to be filled with various volume required, like 2ml, 3ml and 5ml.

During the 3 days, we showed them the operating principle of this machine by running it for their further inspection. They were pretty satisfied with the quality. We also taught them how to install and change the molds, how to solve the problems that may occur during the operation. We deeply discussed this plastic vial forming filling and sealing machine, from the quality, price, application to industry prospects. They talked about the machine they bought from Italy before which was of similar quality but large price gap compared with ours.



They highly appraised our machine on both quality and price. What’s more, we provide very professional and efficient service and are always at their back for the after sale issues. They will take us at the first consideration if they have any other demands of such filling and sealing machines in future.

We are also looking forward to our next cooperation, and pretty happy to have this deeply communication with each other. Hope to see them again soon.

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